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  1. bouncer

    Winter foxing

    they in good order as well by the look of them.
  2. bouncer

    thanks to paddy

    I would like to thank paddy for the vixen calls he sent me,i have had a lot of luck with them some of them come flying in.so thanks paddy.does anyone have the fox call where the dog fox barks 3 times I have heard it a few nights now but don't know what it is called but I could do with it for my FoxPro fury, and any others that may help.cheers.
  3. bouncer


    has anyone got any ideas what is the best dvr to use with a Yukon ranger.(best recording picture)thanks in advance.
  4. bouncer

    robert bucknell

    scan with thermal,check with night vision.
  5. bouncer

    Fox pro

    I had a new spitfire and sent it back then had a replacement new one and that was the same,i had trouble with the remotes and the distance it would work from.it was ok if it was in front of the car but any further and it wouldn't work.(bloody crap)so I upgraded to the FoxPro fury and well happy.i would never have a spitfire.
  6. bouncer

    robert bucknell

    I have just read a piece in the sporting rifle by Robert bucknell who bought a hd38s to try,he went out to try it and said he shone the lamp in the field and saw a fox but when he got in there it had gone.(why is he surprised).then he shines the lamp in another field and sees 2 sets of eyes through an hedge when he gets in there one went back in the hedge and the other made its way from them.what I am trying to say is for a man who is supposed to be a top foxer why would you use a lamp to spot when you have got a thermal with you.i cant understand that.
  7. i had my fury back today and had to pay £26 odd in import tax so wasn't as bad as i thought.
  8. they don't come with a cable,but to be honest they are rubbish.mine worked ok for a couple of outings and then it wouldn't go 10 yards then pause button wouldn't work.had it exchanged for another same happened again,so upgraded to a fury.
  9. bouncer

    2:30am start pays off

    what do u think of the firestorm caller
  10. bouncer

    Finally got the bugger

    good fox that one.
  11. bouncer

    Lamb killing pair dealt with

    nice going guys,i have had a few lately as well.had 6 on one farm
  12. bouncer

    First night out with the t20"s

    good going fella
  13. bouncer

    first cubs

  14. bouncer

    first cubs

    not having a go that's the last thing i would do.being in the job you are i would do the same,i just like to let them grow a bit first.

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