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  1. zelle12

    My new toy

    Mil 3
  2. zelle12

    My new toy

    About 7% Original 7x64: 69gr H2O Wildcat 7x64 : 73,6 to 74gr H2O @Dandpd: Yes, very similar to the .280AI
  3. zelle12

    My new toy

    My new toy - I hope you like it: Action: Tikka T3 Barell: Lothar Walther - 9" twist - 650mm long - muzzlethread M18x1 Stock: PSE Composites Trigger: Andy Atzl Kugelabzug Trigger guard: Alutek Scope: Kahles 624i Mount: Recknagel ERA Tac Catridge: Wildcat 7x64IX (blown out 7x64, modified freebore/chamber throat, Pmax: 4400bar) 5shots - 100meter: First with 150gr Nosler BalTip; Second with 175gr Speer DeepCurl
  4. zelle12

    Show your varmint/target rifle

    The action is from Andreas Schuler in Germany - Link You can use every stock with a inlet for the Remington 700LA, same with the trigger.
  5. zelle12

    Show your varmint/target rifle

    Yes, Tikka T3 magazine
  6. zelle12

    Show your varmint/target rifle

    My 7mm RSAUM built by Andreas Schuler, 650mm - 1/9" twist Lothar Walther barrel, Andy Atzl Trigger, McMillan HTG stock And my longest shot with this rifle - 374 meters on a baboon
  7. zelle12

    r93 adjustable triggers

    Andy Atzl is a excellent gunsmith - probably the best here in Austria. He also offers (custom)barrels for the Blaser R93 - from his own production (in earlier times he used Border barells) I have two of his triggers in use - excellent. The 1st one in a Blaser R93 and the 2nd in my 7mmSAUM Custom Gun built by Andreas Schuler (Remington 700 trigger) The 3rd one for my Tikka T3 is on the way...
  8. zelle12

    6.5x47 primer choice ?

    I also use the CCI 450 small rifle magnum primers. Accuracy is much better since I use them. Before I tried several loads using the CCI BR4 with noch luck.
  9. zelle12

    Optimum .308 barrel length

    I shot a Blaser R93 with a 19" barell. 155gr A-Max with N133 or H322 reach about 790m/s (2600fps). @Rols: Nice rifle.

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