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  1. flyingfisherman

    AG Composites

    A mate, whose on here and myself ordered and have recently received an AG composites stock each. Really liked the fact that they offered specific inlets for actions and bottom metals, their quality and the look. As well as the short lead time. The slightly off putting thing was the fact that they don’t ship outside the US. When challenged on this, the response was because they had all on keeping up with demand in the US. They make carbon stocks for the higher end Weatherby setups and have a good rep in the US. we ended up dealing with ‘Pam’ over there rather than ordering through the website and the customer service was great. I did follow up with an email to them asking if they would consider shipping to the UK in the future, but didn’t get a response. We shipped to a mate who lives on that side of the pond and he shipped them to us. my stock was for a R700 LA and I hadn’t decided on the DBM at the time of ordering, so ended up having to have it inletted and bedded (superb job done through Steve Kershaw), Baldie had kindly offered to do this for me, but the rifle was in for other work at Steve’s anyways, so he did the lot, made a really good job and a quick turn around. The other stock for a mate was for a Stiller with HSP DBM, it fitted like a glove. Ive not actually shot mine yet as I’ve only just got it back after inletting and bedding, but really like the feel and the quality. I like the fairly high comb on the non adjustable and the fairly ‘hand filling’ palm swell. I’ll post some better pics when I’ve had it out..
  2. flyingfisherman

    Shoulder bumping

    @Big Al thank you for some really informative and unbiased, fact based information. It’s really good. I’ve not heard about measuring the .200 bit before and wondered if you could explain some logic behind it? I bump my shoulders in a Forster die and do it for chambering more than anything but really keen to learn more about what I should be looking for apart from the basic headspace measurement, TIA, FFM
  3. This came off my .22-250, its probably had less than 100 rounds through it. VGC. £120 ONO Can RFD or F2F
  4. flyingfisherman

    Tight Neck Chambers.. How much clearance?

    Cheers onehole.. that all makes sense.. I've neck turned 50, another 250 to go.. i hate this bit....
  5. flyingfisherman

    Tight Neck Chambers.. How much clearance?

    How do Ronin, Thanks for that.. you say all round.. just to clarify, do you mean that in a .292 neck chamber, you'd need an overall loaded round of .286? Sorry if I'm being dull, but am approaching tight necks with caution..
  6. flyingfisherman

    Tight Neck Chambers.. How much clearance?

    Next question.. Now, I'm turning some once fired brass for the new gun, its been F/L sized, trimmed to length and now needs neck turning.. Just setting up the cutter and wanted to do it so that i should avoid doughnuts.. I noticed on some other batches of brass after 4-5 reloads that I'm starting to get doughnuts and believe that these can be avoided by neck turning right unto the neck/shoulder junction.. I've set the cutter up so that there is no step between the neck of the shoulder but am concerned that if i cut too far in, i could get neck separation, which would be a pain in the a**. What do we think? Apologies about the pic quality.. its an iPhone so not so good at macro type stuff..
  7. flyingfisherman

    Tight Neck Chambers.. How much clearance?

    Thanks guys, great advice, that confirms what id heard from a couple of sources. I'd also heard considerably more than that.. which to me seemed to negate a lot of reasons for tight necks.. also, i would imagine that thin neck walls could be a hazard.. Whats the thinnest people would accept in terms of neck thickness?
  8. flyingfisherman

    Tight Neck Chambers.. How much clearance?

    How do all, i'm shortly to pick up a new rifle, with a tight neck chamber.. I've shot the calibre a lot before but only with a SAAMI spec chamber. Now that this has been cut with a tight neck reamer, i'll need to turn brass. I've heard varying opinions about how much clearance is required.. I want to be safe but want to get the best from my brass, so what would everyone recommend?
  9. All gone im afraid. Thanks for the interest
  10. I'm waiting for confirmations to PMs, but subject to them all paying, all brass has been sold. I'll update the thread if any of the potential buyers pull out.
  11. SimonL - PM Sent To all others.. still some available but going quickly.
  12. PMs replied to. Still some available..

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