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  1. 1in9

    Best AI magazine (long action)?

    In mag terms the go to choice of many manufacturers is Accurate Mag's dedicated AICS mag, newcomers MDT are very similar. https://riflemags.co.uk/aics-magazines/ As the other posters have mentioned adjusting the lips of a .300WM magazine to better match your case and preferred feed angle is the first port of call. Obviously that may preclude using polymer mags if you have a case size falling outside the standard cases and feed angle it was designed for. I like to polish up the inner gripping edge of the magazine at the same time for a smoother feed and less case scratching. As mentioned by Baldie consider adjustments to the catch lockup point if there is vertical play.
  2. 1in9

    AICS 5 round 6 dasher coversion

    We stock the 12 round 6mm BR mags, £79.94 delivered. Much cheaper than buying direct from MDT (if you factor their EU pricing + shipping + parcelforce import duties). https://riflemags.co.uk/mdt-6mm-br-12-round-aics-magazine/ They are the same length as a 10 round Accurate Mag, a shorter version is on the MDT todo list radar but nothing anytime soon. We'll be stocking a similar kit in Q2 next year for use with standard 5 round mags. 😎
  3. 1in9

    Tikka T3 improvements?

    https://riflemags.co.uk/tikka-t3-t3x-fit-6-round-aluminium-308-magazine/ https://riflemags.co.uk/tikka-t3-t3x-fit-10-round-aluminium-308-magazine/ The mags were a slice cheaper before sterling was hit by the Brexit vote outcome, still cheaper than inletting + AICS mags or a new stock/chassis + mags.
  4. 1in9

    CSR Accuracy

    Not yet. We'll be stocking 10 round magazines for them later in the year all being well. ?
  5. 1in9

    T3x Trigger Question

    If you are happy with a single stage the factory ones are easily tweaked to lighten, while remaining nice and crisp. If you like a two stage then CG two stage triggers are popular, Timney also do a decent one but it's geared for light pull weights whereas the CG will do light and heavy.
  6. A shame ballistics by the inch haven't got to the .17 Hornet yet! I'm also interested, having picked up a CZ 527 varmint recently, which is 24" out of the box and trimming some weight is tempting. As the optimal barrel length for HMR velocity is 19" I can't see it being less than 20"? It would be interesting to see optimal burn characteristics for common powders. If any kind soul happens to have Quick Load handy, I would be very interested to see the difference between N110 and N120 relative to 20/22/24" barrel lengths, I have a load of 17gn VMAX heads to play with and musing which powder to go for, Viht is always available my way. Edit: came across some 24" data velocity data here https://forum.nosler.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=25829 be great to see some different barrel lengths for 17gn.
  7. 1in9

    Biathlon Rifles?

    Could the Fortner action or a similar ball bearing lockup action work in centre fire? To have super slick cycling on a 223 for example? The video quality isn't great in this but you get the idea.
  8. 1in9

    January CSR match report and results

    It would be really interesting to see the rifles and calibres the competitors were using in the results.
  9. David who does them for us is working on some matching bottom metal in aluminium, early 2018 hopefully. The mags are designed to work with existing factory magwells on the Tikka T3, T3x and Lithgow LA102. Most aftermarket Tikka bottom metal is AICS double stack format which requires stock inletting, though I believe Atlasworxs do a native Tikka magwell replacement for folks who just want to swap out the polymer one for metal. I can't guarantee the mags will fit their bottom metal however, as I haven't tried one. Fine if they match factory dimensions but if tighter that might require modification.
  10. All prices include delivery. They are more expensive than the previous versions mainly due to Post Brexit exchange rates, as with all imported shooting gear. Also, the black hard anodised finish is more expensive to produce than natural grey, but based on customer surveys black was the clear winner. Considering these are milled from two pieces of solid aluminium and should outlast most owners, it's still significantly cheaper than bottom metal + inletting + AICS magazines if you want a dependable 10 round magazine.
  11. The new Tikka T3, T3x and Lithgow LA102 fit aluminium magazines are now available! The delay was a worthwhile one, a number of revisions to allow some types to fit the new Lithgow Crossover LA102 as well as the T3 and T3x. All milled from 6061-T6 aluminium and hard anodized in black they combine refined looks with extreme durability. https://riflemags.co.uk/brands/Waters-Rifleman.html We've been working closely with David who makes them to extend the range of calibres, there are now 4 calibre options in 6 and 10 round versions for each: .223 case family .308 case family 6.5x55 and x57 tapered cases .30-06 case family (handles nearly 20 calibres - detailed listings on the product) Plus, we have an excellent universal calibre single round loading block. Quick note: a 6mm BR, BR family & .22-250 10 round magazine is due in early 2018. Available here: https://riflemags.co.uk/brands/Waters-Rifleman.html
  12. A quick update: all the magazines parts are now with us, we're now busy assembling the eight different versions. They look lush! It'll be a few days until they are all complete and packaged, photos to follow soon.
  13. They are finally on the way! Following some delays with the followers, the mags themselves were all done a while back, we're expecting them to be with us next week all being well. Once here we'll be assembling them, so once I have the first complete I'll share some photos. Should all be completed, packaged and onsale before the end of the month.
  14. Update on the T3 mags, we were expecting them early July but the eta on their arrival has been put back around 4 weeks due to a delay on the follower run which are a new molded type using a slippy black polymer instead of the white acetyl on earlier versions. The magazine bodies are all cut and finished, springs are done, just waiting on the followers now. As soon as they arrive I'll post some pics.

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