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  1. seth


    Hi Im about to start loading for a 22.250 using Berger 55 grain bullet,can anyone help me with a good load to start with,also anyone got any 22.250 dies for sale, Thanks seth
  2. seth

    Which Watch

    Have a look at the Nite watches.
  3. seth

    .243 Win powder

    Try viht 140 for the 80 grain
  4. Hooray of to the shop for the night vision now,
  5. Another great film,anybody tell me the make of scope he was using.?
  6. seth

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone
  7. seth

    .243 reloading advice please

    Go out to paper at 200 yards and you will get a true measure of your rifle and ammo combination.
  8. seth

    1967spud 2015 plans

    Hi any 7mm 162 amax about yet Mark ?
  9. seth


    Only with your hat on gaz LOL
  10. seth

    2:30am start pays off

    Red bull sales up again,well done gaz.
  11. seth

    Semi custom week.

    Looks fantastis Dave,can't wait do get my grubby mits on it,your right gaz can't stop looking LoL
  12. seth

    Good afternoons work

    Good going gaz,found a litter myself yesterday after telling you all my ground was cub free,just shows keep looking and they will turn up.

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