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  1. Winding down the RFD for a while as my other business is taking up my time at the moment and I am focusing on that so I am having a clear out of the last items of stock at what I believe are fairly keen pricing . I will be adding a few other bits through the week. For sale AI AT with a twist so to speak and other bits New Black AI AT Folder in 308 , 26'' Barrel with AI M/Brake , Supplied by sporting services fitted with right folding AX butt assembly. (Rings in picture not included) Looking for £3650.00 inc Also Hardy 7 mm 1 - 8 twist carbon barrel blank varmint profile, a short one blank for finished barrel AT 16" originally intended for this AT £300.00 plus post SOLD Used Winchester mod 70 . 270 un-threaded in good condition pics to follow £125.00 plus post
  2. Agree with Bradders only need proof when sold on. If a personal import fac with a vacant slot for that cal acts as import licence / authority to import. Keith
  3. TWG1

    AI AT barrel weight

    Paddy Dane has a 18'' proof in 6.5 in stock, It was mine for a build but now thats not going ahead.
  4. TWG1

    AI AT barrel weight

    I was planning a similar exercise , I have an AT folder, with AX butt fitted which was due to have a 16'' hardy barrel in 7-08 , but I am about to abandon it due to other work pressures.
  5. TWG1

    CNC Foam cutting?

    Lad who plays Ice hockey with my lad has started a business offering this service , I will fine the info and post it tomorrow. Keith
  6. TWG1

    Stiller actions

    The action is a rem clone so it will match the profile of anything rem profile, the issue you will have is the angle of the mag from memory and putting it crudely the end of the mag will be positioned roughly on the front of where the floor-plate would sit on a conventional stock set up . So you will probably need to have the front of the mag well machined. Keith
  7. TWG1

    Sauer 202 22- 250 / 243 Mag

    Looking for a used sauer 202 mag for 22 250 - 243 Keith
  8. TWG1

    New 6.5 CM

    I suspect I may know who that may be with, it's the manners bedding block with integral bottom metal, This has the Curtis three rounder in at the moment but takes any AI mag. I have another manners carbon stock for the rifle but cant make my mind up whether to sell it or keep, it trouble is if I keep it I will end up sticking a barrelled acton in it defeating the original concept of a switch barrel set up!
  9. Thought I would post this on here as I cant put it on the showcase section , by way of a thank you to Paddy (Dane &Co) a bit of a collaboration but he did the hard work A departure from my usual stiller actions as i wanted this to be a switch barrel with one of the Calibers in the future being 6 BR and one 7 SAUM so Big Horn the way to go, with the controlled feed and the ability to change the bolt head. So this is 6.5 CM with a 22'' proof barrel , carbon Manners stock, Big Horn Action.
  10. TWG1

    Silverstone Shooting Centre

    I know John through car's he is a member on one of the car forums I frequent, I know the pain he has been through to set this up planners etc as he has kept is in the loop from the very beginning of the project. He is aiming to be be the best range , all the tech comes at a cost. Keith
  11. TWG1

    Stiller Viper

    That takes me back a bit , one of the first actions I brought in. Surprised that is still available , they don't make the viper any more. Keith
  12. TWG1

    New 6.5 CM

    Yes the rings are , see Paddy, I think he still has some there. Yes about 12 with sling atlas scope etc , Ideally I wanted a 18'' barrel but they don't make one, that would have pulled the weight down a bit but a lighter scope at some point will make the big difference. Keith
  13. TWG1

    New 6.5 CM

    Bare rifle no scope rings etc 8 pound 6oz , Keith
  14. TWG1

    New 6.5 CM

    I actually looked at one, but the nightforce was significantly cheaper. Keith
  15. TWG1

    New 6.5 CM

    Not weighed it without the scope, you have me curious now will weigh it later. They are the American Rifle mounts. Keith
  16. TWG1

    Desert Tech

    I spoke to them this week, they are setting up a new distribution network out of Canada and dealing direct with dealers so no local importer / Distributor
  17. Just put mine together gone the opposite direction to most on here with a 18' barrel ! Not shot it yet barrel turned up before i had time to get dies etc sorted out.
  18. TWG1


    I have an order for Dave about to ship from the USA , i am sure we can add one on the list for you Gary
  19. TWG1

    Swarovski x5i

    Did you compare it to the ziess v8 before you bought it Dave ? I have just been on their site to take a closer look , they are launching something on the 4th march any one have any ideas what that may be ? Keith
  20. TWG1

    scope wanted PMII

    As pre heading , looking for a PMII or similar, whats out there. Keith
  21. TWG1

    Tikka 590 or 595

    Just sent you a pm
  22. TWG1

    Tikka 590 or 595

    Looking for two tikka 590 or 595 s in 308 bolt face right handed . Keith
  23. Pleased you like it ,

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