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  1. This consultation sounds very similar to one from about 5 years ago, which through effective lobbying and a large count of responses to the consultation (from me included) came to nothing. Lets make sure that happens again.
  2. FAC Air Arms are not cheap new, but they are very good value secondhand, cheaper than a secondhand off ticket air rifle in my experience. The length is, err, long, but they really don't need an additional silencer, the barrel shroud one makes them sound near enough silent in the field.
  3. The_Dogge

    17hmr vs small CF

    Cooter, that sounds great for the Hornet, but what does the HMR do that it can't do better?
  4. As new condition, £90 including delivery. This one: http://www.targetmasteruk.com/
  5. The_Dogge

    Crazy ??

    You can't really make a judgement based on a newspaper headline, I think the bit that probably got him into trouble is the description of the incident: "several shots were fired as the suspects fled", therefore not legitimate self defence. If he said that to the police when they got there he's got himself into trouble. The rest of the charges, they're probably just BS "piling on" charges that they seem to do in other countries more than here, they probably wont go anywhere. they even say:
  6. The_Dogge

    Powder charging vid

    I use a very similar setup, except I use a camera and TV screen to view the scale pointer, and I have a cheap 0.01g scale which I use for gross error checking at the start and occasionally as I go. Thanks for the tip on keeping the bearings clean, I also have a small calibration weight which I use to check the scale setup.
  7. The_Dogge

    Shooting orgs

    I am a long time BASC member, and I was a member of the Sportsman's Association for a couple of years. I liked their focus on legislation and what you might call "gun rights". When it came time to renew I called them a few times without success and so I concluded that if I couldn't contact them to renew then if I needed any help or advice I would be out of luck. I think they are basically a one man band. BASC have depth and bredth to represent shooting and help individuals.
  8. The_Dogge

    Which ballistic app

    I haven't checked if it affects the trajectory, I just noticed that if you start a bullet at say 2500ft/s when it gets to 1000ft/s the rate of velocity loss is much higher than if you start the same bullet (i.e. same bc) at 1000ft/s. That should not be the case.
  9. The_Dogge

    Which ballistic app

    I still like Strelok, but it has a small (I haven't checked the full effect, on drop etc) bug in calculating transonic velocities, which I have reported to Igor some time ago and he hasn't fixed yet.
  10. The_Dogge

    .17 Hornet scope

    I love my Leupold VXIII with the varmint hunter reticule for this kind of application, I never got into dialling with a walk & stalk hunting rifle, rather than a static varminting situation. The varmint hunter reticule works great, as long as you understand it properly. The scope is light, great light transmission and clarity, the reticule is fine and not illuminated but I find it works fine under a lamp. They are silly money though, recent Hawkes are good, I love the Leupold, but I only have 1, I have 4 Hawkes!
  11. The_Dogge

    Best Rimfire - straw poll

    The usual NSRA rules for LSR specify a maximum all up wright of 4.5Kg, just looking up the Jagd-Match specs show a weight of 3.85Kg bare. 650g for a scope and mounts is doable, but may restrict your choice of scope. It probably wont allow use of a glove, whose weight is included in that budget, I would recommend using a glove if possible. That also assumes that the spec weight is accurate, from experience I would assume that the spec weight may be wildly inaccurate and weigh everything.
  12. The_Dogge

    Weight loss in chambering

    You probably have your answer, but have you checked the barrel mass calculator spreadsheet at http://www.jacksonrifles.com/articles.htm You could add details of your chamber, and see the difference to keeping the bore parallel to see how much mass you will lose.
  13. The_Dogge

    Variation for FAC Air Rifle

    I bought an Air Arms S410 XtraFAC in .22 having read the received wisdom quoted above ".22 works best at 32ftlb with 16-18gn pellets", ran that trajectory through some software and thought yes, that looks good. In practice I have found that trying to shoot pellets of that weight at 32ftlb results in target impacts which are more of a loose association than what I would call a group. Go up to Bisley Magnums or JSB Heavy at 21.4gn and it groups great, and is very efficient too. But of course they are a bit slower, so the trajectory suffers a bit, though windage should be slightly reduced as the BC is good in comparison. Of course if you use a rifle which can go to 40-50ftlb then the heavies will be going flat out again and it won't be a problem. I may just need to try more lighter pellets, the rifle is not the problem, the Air Arms have a dial to instantly adjust the power and turned down to 16ftlb they shoot fine. Overall FAC air is an interesting option, all I would say is whatever you get, buy it second hand, the resale value on FAC air rifles is not good, which makes them good value secondhand and poor value new.
  14. If you are disbelieving the app check it against jbm ballistics online. http://www.jbmballistics.com/cgi-bin/jbmtraj-5.1.cgi I just ran Eley Club through it with your velocity and the trajectory is as you describe from the app. Changing BC even quite a lot won't make much difference at these ranges. JBM's library has Eley Club at 0.092 and the trajectory is near enough identical to yours. An error of 1.5" at 50yd is a lot, I would suspect some error in the holding off with the reticule, you could try shooting paper at 50 and 102 and measure the real drops? I find it easy to get a false idea of group center when shooting gong type targets.
  15. The_Dogge

    Shift of POI with position

    You certainly can get a change in POI by changing position, I'm always surprised how far off the sights can apparently be for another person shooting the same rifle. A 1MoA change from the expected impact is certainly possible, due to a number of factors, parallax, different supports interacting with recoil etc. All you can do is shoot again and see if it is repeatable, luckily shooting is fun! :-)

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