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  1. I have a .308 with a 18" barrel that quite happily and accurately shoots out to 1000yds. Also a rem 700 I might add. My mate has a 14" barrelled .308 that he has shot accurately to 1000yds using 155gr GGG. Both go subsonic well before. As long as your bullet remains stable through the transonic, it doesn't matter what range you want to shoot to. The limiting factor becomes how much spare elevation you have in the system. I will say that wind becomes a much bigger factor once you go subsonic. Also, our club has a .308 varmint rem 700. 26" barrel. That shoots very accurately with the 155 GGG at 1000yds.
  2. Laurie, I'll be at Bisley on Sunday and at the Egg shoot the week after. I'd be happy to grab you some. I buy it from the NRA and keep it in stock for our club rifle anyway. It is very good, I haven't found a .308 that doesn't like it yet.
  3. c18rch

    Which vehicle?

    On the back seat or in the bed? My uncle has one, I'll try mine in there next time I see him if you are not in a rush. Great Wall? - Don't bother cheap and nasty. Mate bought one and has had nothing but problems.
  4. c18rch

    7mm 08

    Yeah, the ELD, which appear to be a 162 A-Max with different plastic tip. Almost identical BC. I have seen the melting tip reports, but I also have to say, my drop data was within 1moa all the way out to 1480yds with the pre-melting tip report published BC. Maybe I was lucky, or maybe the melting tip makes less of a difference than would be expected? I have requested a price for the ELDs already, so I'll let you know if the non-melting tips cost more as soon as I know .
  5. c18rch

    7mm 08

    I know there is no such thing as a free lunch. My other load is vit150 which gives 2550 fps so to be getting another 200fps, something has got to give. I did a lot of comparisons based on available load data between the 6.5s and 7-08 before I settled on 7-08. Because the 162 A-Max has such a high BC for its relatively low weight, there are very few 6.5mm combinations that come close. The .260 140 Berger load is about the best I have found. That said, now that I have had chance to do a real world comparison, I don't think there is anything in it. Even now, it is not exactly a comparison ie my 20" barrel vs 26 or 28" barrels. I think if you were to run them side by side, same barrel length, same powders, there would be nothing in it ballistically, and as you say, you get barrel barrel life out of a 7-08, and the Hornadys are easier to get hold of and cheaper than the bergers. Lap now do brass for both, and if like me you want it for steel gong shooting, the slightly heavier 7mm gives a better signature downrange.
  6. c18rch

    Wide Footprint Bipod

    Sorry, missed that when I scanned through the thread earlier. Very interesting looking bipod. I'll definitely pop by at the show.
  7. c18rch

    Wide Footprint Bipod

    Which show?
  8. c18rch

    7mm 08

    I'm getting 2750 fps out of a 20" barrel with the 162s out of my 7-08 using Reloader 17. No pressure signs whatsoever. I did get them going 2850fps, still no pressure signs, but the load wasn't accurate. These are also seated to fit the standard AI mag. I have yet to find a 6.5 load in any of the short action case/bullet configs that come anywhere close ballistically. A mates 260 is getting similar ballistics using the 140gr Berger VLDs, but he's running a 26 or 28" barrel. The 162 also remains stable through the transonic stage in my load/rifle set up. I've been able to shoot it successfully out to almost 1500yds.
  9. c18rch

    Ruger Precision Rifle in .308

    My stalking rifle is a .308 with an 18" barrel. I have regularly shot it out to 1000+ yds. It depends on what your primary purpose is for the rifle. If you want a compact rifle for predominantly shorter range work and good barrel life but which can occasionally reach out to the longer ranges then the .308 option is fine. Also, if you don't reload, then for good, inexpensive match ammo, .308 is the best option too. My .308 is a stalking rifle, so it want it to be light and compact. Hence the short barrel. Max range I encounter whilst stalking is 250yds, and very very rarely up to 300yds. Most shots are below 150. However, when I zero it at bisley etc and we shoot the longer ranges in the afternoon I can never resist giving it a go. Certainly makes you pay attention to the wind.
  10. c18rch

    Mils v MOA

    Until they convert UK ranges and targets to metric, I'm sticking with MOA.
  11. Weather is looking good for the Roundhouse. Caveated with Bodmin is a law unto itself. Still some places left. Get in touch with Tiff if you want to attend.
  12. Worthy of a new post I think: http://ukvarminting.com/forums/topic/29877-2015-summer-roundhouse-1819th-july/
  13. Check it out on the facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/roundhousefirearmstraining Summer 2015 Roundhouse Firearms Training Weekend (18th/19th July) Long & Short Range Precision Rifle Saturday 18th July - Long Range Precision Rifle (800 to 1,600 yards) - 11:30 to 18:00 (initial 30 minute 100m zeroing) BBQ Saturday Evening Sunday 19th July - Short Range Precision Rifle (75 to 650 yards) 09:00 to 16:00 £75 per day or £150 for both, including access to camping facilities and limited bunkhouse accommodation. A £50 non-refundable deposit per shooter is required in advance and certainly no later than 2 weeks prior to the weekend. Contact details for confirming entry are on the 'About' page. Targets on both days will be reactive steels of various sizes (1" to full size roe deer) and other suitable targets. You are welcome to arrive early and place your own approved targets in position (please advise in advance). Roundhouse Firearms Training is based near Launceston, Cornwall. Please contact us for further directions and do not advertise them publicly once known. For those of you who have not shot a Roundhouse day before, please note, it is NOT a rifle range. The rifle you use on the day MUST be your own and be conditioned for field shooting - i.e fox, deer or AOLQ & for zeroing over ground you have permission on etc. There will be NO sharing of rifles. You MUST have your own valid shooting insurance and not be subject to a 'mentoring condition', unless accompanied by your mentor. This will all be checked on the day. The ground is cleared for fullbore by D&C Constabulary, so an open or closed FAC is ok. Permission to zero will be granted on a daily basis, just like paid stalking etc. The emphasis is on the shooter to be a safe shot and follow safe shooting practice, being responsible for every shot and every moment handling their firearm.
  14. c18rch


    That looks kin orible but each to their own. Nice work though. ?

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