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  1. bradders, yes sir. I'll try to send them when I get back to the house this evening.


    Correct on the cut reciever, the scope mount has a lug that comes down and contacts the back of the ejection port. This makes it more robust in that it's not just base screws absorbing recoil, the lug does too.

  2. Yes sir, I'm aware of that. :D I couldn't believe it when I was called and told I'd won the package, really didn't believe it until the rifle actually got to my dealer. I don't think there are very many of these in civilian hands. While I'd never use it in one of the matches I shoot I do shoot it from time to time and let friends shoot it.


    I do put PVS-27 on other rifles though and it works great.

  3. Yes sir bradders, Schneider barrel.


    The entire package was raffled off by the Marine Corp Scout Sniper Association, rifle, scope, hard case, bipod, scope, PVS-27.


    I contacted Surefire and the suppressor had been discontinued to civilian use but is still supported for the military. They sold one of the issue suppressors to me to complete the package.

  4. You do NOT want any urethane type filling that feels like rubber O-ring material. The material will not pack down tightly and you'll have hell trying to maintain a steady hold on small targets. Not all fill shapes are the same either. As Terry states you want a fill shape that fills/moves easily but will lock together when squeezed or packed down so that it provides a steady sight picture.

  5. Hi gents, been away from the net for a while since we've moved our operations.


    I may not know much but I know a thing or two about swivels and all we use are Grovtec in the Milforce for the regular stud swivels and the Pushbutton for the flush cups.


    I would NOT use anything made by Uncle Mikes or Talon. Uncle Mikes is made in China and is crap, I've heard and seen them fail. When we began making slings we began using the Talon swivels since they seemed to be the best we could find at the time and were made in the US.


    We began to have pins break on the swivels. After I had meetings with the owner of the company at SHOT two years ago he promised that they would find out what the problem was. Despite repeated attempts to figure out what was going on with absolutely no help at all I dropped them and went to Grovtec and the MilForce swivel. We have not had one problem since we went to the Grovtec swivels. The swivels cost more and are worth every bit. The people are an absolute pleasure to work with and they take pride in their products.


    I don't know anything about Midwest industries but I do know that there are very few companies making swivels. I also know that Grovtec makes swivels for a lot of companies who then brand them as their own. The Midwest swivels look exactly like the Grovtec swivels.


    We use the phosphate finished pushbutton swivels in the 1.25" model. We use 1.5" webbing in our slings and the smaller size swivel is a more compact package and keeps the webbing from sliding in the swivel which I think is a good thing.


    Good luck with your choice, but I would not skimp on swivels because if they fail in the field you will be in a bind and possibly with a broken rifle along with the swivel.

  6. Well, Barry, got his cover today and I messed up his order from the get go. Sorry about that Barry.


    I sent the wrong diameter to production and it won't fit his can now.


    We'll be sending another cover of the correct size today and I'll have a friend in the UK send him funds to refund his purchase price for the trouble he's had with this order.


    I told him to keep the incorrect cover and give it or sell it to someone who has a can that is 1.5" in diameter.


    Sorry for your trouble Barry.


    Hi Chris, I'm sorry, but at this time I'm not making any spotting scope covers. Thanks a lot for your interest though. I've been wanting to make a cover for the Spotter 60 but just have not had the time to devote to it.

  7. I know what the dangly bits are, just sounded funny is all.


    Well gunnery, I can see you're still not satisfied with my explanation. Let me break it down all the way so you can see I wasn't bull shitting you with my explanation.


    You and I had numerous PM's here back and forth with me trying to make sure I had the correct information on your can so we made the right cover for you, starting on January 1 and ending on January 2


    I got the order for your cover on January 3


    Like I said before, we were in the middle of some large orders and also trying to get as many normal orders taken care of as possible before we quit production to concentrate on getting ready to go to the SHOT Show. Also, as an fyi, we don't jump people ahead on our production list, we make products in the order that they come to us.


    We had 8 working days from the time your order was placed until we had to leave for the show. I had to call a stop to production at some point to get ready for the show, unfortunately your cover hadn't been made yet.


    We left for the show on January 12 at 5:00AM


    We got back from the show on Sunday, January 20


    We got somewhat sorted out from the show and started production back up on Monday January 21


    Your cover shipped out on January 22


    On January 25 it was in Chicago at a sorting facility.


    We take customer service very seriously and don't like it when a product goes out late. I've tried to explain it as best I can. If you're still not happy with the product, or our customer service I can have a check in the mail tomorrow to you for a refund and you can keep the cover when it gets there.


    Your call.

  8. Hey gunnery, I'm sorry about your cover not shipping out as soon as we would have like it to. We were in the middle of some large orders and getting ready for the SHOT Show. We worked hard on getting as many orders out as we could before stopping production and directing all of our resources on finishing up SHOT Show preparations. Unfortunately your order fell on the wrong side of the preparations, I apologize for that.


    Thanks again for your business.

  9. I've been using one for a while now as have several people I personally know.


    They all love it as compared to any other chrono on the market, for the reasons already stated.


    As far as harmonics go, it doesn't really matter what a guy wants to think, the proof is in the results down range, and the results have been talked about quit a bit. Some guys have a POI shift, some don't. I can't remember anyone saying that it's negatively affected the accuracy potential of the rifle.


    One other thing that's been hinted at when comparing this to any other chrono that has to be set on a tripod. Not only can this be very quickly set up without having to wait on a cease fire so you can walk out in front of a firing line, you can also practice about any positional type shooting you care to do as well. The bracket on the display unit permits itself to be configured in several different ways so that you could even clip it onto your pocket should you want to acquire load data while practicing offhand shooting.

  10. I'm just curious, why are you wanting to switch to the HK Hooks like AI uses? Even AI is beginning to move away from those hooks and toward the push button swivels like these.




    The GT Heavy Duty Push Button swivel is what I'm talking about.


    In my opinion a much better option than the HK Hooks. I base this on using all three types of swivel setup over several years and the last two years running an AIAX with HK Hooks. I recently swapped it out to the push button style swivels.

  11. Hi guys, Happy New Year to everyone.


    Hi Gunnery, I've replied to your PM. If you have any more questions fire away and I'll be happy to answer them.


    To address Scotch Egg's comment about measurements. When we first started making covers we made them to the length of the can exactly. As the cover gets older and the inner material packs down the front of the cover would hang over the muzzle of the moderator. This would expose the cover to muzzle blast and the inner liner would become damaged and customers were unhappy. We began taking 1/4" from measurements provided a couple of years ago so that we wouldn't have this problem any more. When the inner material packs down the front of the cover typically is about 1/8" from the muzzle. In any case the 1/4" won't cause enough mirage problems that the shooter will notice it.


    Long Range Capt, thank you for using our products. It's getting to the small details, but figured I'd throw out some information. We don't use Nomex in our covers. Many Many people have thought that over the years, but Nomex is designed for flash type fires, not repeated heat up and cool down cycles like the covers are exposed to. Nomex begins to deteriorate after being exposed to high heat and would not last long in this application.


    We've sent quite a bit of our products to the UK in the last few years so thanks to all of you guys who continue to use our products. We've got some new products coming out soon and we'll get them up on the website as quickly as we can.

  12. Nice video's Roe, very entertaining to watch.


    I have a question pertaining to your Bipod Marksmanship video please. You stated to "push with the toes" into the bipod. Do you advocate pushing while you're shooting, or to push your whole body forward to load the bipod with forward pressure, and then to have the whole body relaxed behind the rifle before taking a shot?


    Referencing the part of your video showing mirage through the scope. I'll make a shameless plug for our line of suppressor covers that we produce to mitigate exactly what is shown in your video.


    Also, a new chronograph that is on the market here in the US is a unit called Magnetospeed. http://www.magnetospeed.com/


    They are very easy to set up and use. The unit can be used in pitch dark if desired so there are very few missed shots due to low light, rain, etc. There is a company in the UK that I believe has the dealership rights. I'm not sure if they're ready to go public yet so I won't reveal their name at this time.

  13. You're going to be extremely lucky to find one for sale that will fit your moderator unless the seller has the same model as you do.


    As you mentioned Sporting Services does carry some of our covers. If they don't have them in stock you can order directly from us. We ship all over the world.


    Here's a link to three of our models, we've been building these for years.




    Here's a link to our newest model of moderator cover that we've just come out with. I don't believe that we've sent any of these to the UK yet.



  14. No problem at all Garry. I'm happy to help out where I can.


    Also, the Flush Cup swivels that Edi has are the same ones we use on our slings. I was talking to one of the main guys at Grovtec the other day and they sell thousands and thousands of these every month and pull test every single one of them before shipping out. Really good people to deal with.


    As a side note, we us the Grovtec Milforce swivels on our slings that need the regular swivels for studs. We used to use Talon swivels but these are a MUCH better product.


    Have a good weekend.

  15. Hi Garry,


    We only use 1 1/4" swivels in all of the slings we make. I would recommend you also try to find a set of the 1 1/4" push buttons for your new sling as they're much more compact than the 1 1/2" size swivels and will work just fine in your sling.


    Concerning your other sling, you can purchase a conversion kit to enable you to convert your HK Hook sling over to a stud type sling. The conversion kit consists of a "tail" section that buckles into the back of the sling. It has the swivel sewn into the webbing like your HK Hook has now. It will also include a loose swivel that you would insert into the front of the sling.


    Have a good weekend,




  16. Terry is alluding to the original filling that was used in the rear bags that we originally built.


    We have been using a Urethane rubber pellet for a couple of years now and had never heard of anyone having any problems with their bags, heck, I'd never even given it a second thought and I've been using the bag since the beginning.


    I got a call from Terry Cross, the same gun smith who designed the stock on Terry's rifle after I'd sent him a bag to evaluate. He said that he was noticing some weird movement in his rifle when using my bag. He just attributed it to coming off of a cold and didn't really think anything about it until he went back to his old bag and was rock steady again. He had a couple of shooting buddies give both bags a try and they all concluded the same thing, the filling in my bag sucked and his old bag's filler made it much easier to hold steady.


    Any how, if it had been anyone other than a guy who wins just about any match he enters, I'd have just let the comments go in one ear and out the other. BUT, since it was Terry, I asked him to send me some pictures of the filler he had in his original bag, which he did.


    I called around and found a local supplier who had the same type of filler and he gave me about 20 pounds as a sample which I made several bags out of.


    I went to the range to give the original filler and the new filler a work out and found a definite ability to deaden movement of the rifle using the new bag versus the old bag. It is much easier to keep the reticle motionless using the new filler.


    I've located a dealer and purchased several hundred pounds of the new filler which should last me a few months if the sales continue as they have been.


    So...just because it's a rear bag and you like the shape, you need to consider what's on the inside too.

  17. Just a quick post to display some tripods that I have right now that may give some idea as to scale and features. I'll make a more detailed description of them as time permits.



    In order from left to right:


    Manfrotto 055OXPROB with 322RC2 swivel head


    Alamo Four Star DCLW with a DLOC-D swivel head


    PRS large


    PRS Medium


    PRS Small


    I went with the 055 model on the Manfrotto since I'm not concerned at all with the weight of this tripod and wanted the bigger heavier version over the 190 models


    I've used all of the tripods in the field with the exception of the DCLW, Which I've played with quite a bit at the house.


    In my opinion, for a field type tripod that you'd carry a lot, the PRS Large tripod is the best bang for the buck in both price and versatility. It comes with two attachment plates to allow you to quickly swap out accessories. It will extend up as high as you can use. It's pretty sturdy, and the ball head has no problem holding up a 17 pound rifle with one of Danel's rifle rests installed.


    The PRS Medium tripod is also very nice and a great deal. I carried it during two different high angle classes at Thunder Ranch and it worked out just great. It'll hold a rifle up just fine with the rifle rest too.








    In order for the PRS Large and PRS Medium to be lowered all the way to the ground the two piece center shaft has to have the lower portion removed first. The bottom of the shaft is what you're seeing leaning up against the two tripods.















    Someone asked if the Large PRS tripod could hold up a 17 pound rifle, so here's a pic of it doing so.



  18. During the matches I've shot in Texas at Rifles Only, we've always had one or two ER docs on hand shooting the match. These guys have a full pack loaded down with kit, I think these guys could do open heart surgery with all the stuff in there, in addition to a smaller bag that is carried around the match in vehicles.


    During the safety talk before the match, the ER docs and any other EMT's who are present are singled out and introduced to the competitors. Everyone gets a look at these guys so they know who they are. Then the big med pack is located in one location, and everyone knows where it is.


    If the that which promotes growth and vigour hits the fan and someone needs a doc or is ordered to "go get the med pack" then all the competitors know who the docs are and where the med kit is located.


    As for what I carry on my person during a match, or training, just a small pouch with some band aids, some tape, and maybe some Ibuprofen/Asprin type pain reliever, stuff for the bumps and bruises you pick up during the day. I always carry a needle in my billfold/wallet and have lost track of how many times I've used it or some one has needed it.


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