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    First aid

    During the matches I've shot in Texas at Rifles Only, we've always had one or two ER docs on hand shooting the match. These guys have a full pack loaded down with kit, I think these guys could do open heart surgery with all the stuff in there, in addition to a smaller bag that is carried around the match in vehicles. During the safety talk before the match, the ER docs and any other EMT's who are present are singled out and introduced to the competitors. Everyone gets a look at these guys so they know who they are. Then the big med pack is located in one location, and everyone knows where it is. If the that which promotes growth and vigour hits the fan and someone needs a doc or is ordered to "go get the med pack" then all the competitors know who the docs are and where the med kit is located. As for what I carry on my person during a match, or training, just a small pouch with some band aids, some tape, and maybe some Ibuprofen/Asprin type pain reliever, stuff for the bumps and bruises you pick up during the day. I always carry a needle in my billfold/wallet and have lost track of how many times I've used it or some one has needed it.
  2. tburkes

    Kit for Training and Competition

    Hey Lindy, now we're both on the other side of the pond. I'm sure Lindy can expand on this, but like Terry said the team really needs to be on the same wavelength as far as communication. I can't say how many times I've seen guys "helping" each other by saying "just off the left edge" "up and to the right" " come down a little" I mean what does all that mean really? Since you don't know where the shooter was actually holding you should give corrections in the direction needed to make the spotted impact hit the center of the target. If you see the impact at .5 mils left and 1 mil high, the proper call should be "come down 1 mil and right .5 mils" I think Lindy likes to preface that with "correct down 1 mil and right .5 mils" if I remember right. If I'm wrong on this he'll slap me back into place. You should know where all your gear is located so you're not having to dig into all your pockets and pouches for an item when you should be thinking about what you're about to do. Lindy doesn't use the rear bag, but lots of guys do. Quite a few people who use our rear bag have stick the bipod legs through the webbing on the bag to use as a cushion on barricades, and then leave it there when they're moving from target to target. Some matches require you to remove your rifle mag when moving from stage to stage. This started out as simply a safety measure, but it was discovered that people don't practice this much and it's a needed skill set, so it's done quite a bit at Rifles Only matches now. You may need a dump pouch, or some place to put a mag if you need to remove it and move quickly.
  3. I don't know how long the Kudu horns are, we never got a tape measure out the whole time. The PH said they'd be at least 50" though. We used a travel agent for tickets, trip insurance, medical insurance, and firearms permits. The first time I went with my dad in 05 I was responsible for all of that, talk about stressing out, it was no fun at all and entailed about a 3.5 to 4 hour wait to get our rifles. This time, no problems at all with anything, in and out super quick and the piece of mind of having insurance for the entire trip too. That's the only way to go in my opinion. Zaitsev, that Kudu was estimated to be 12 years old and the land owner wanted $6000 USD for him. I actually saw him the first time we hunted that pasture and he spooked off before I could get a shot at him. I only found out later that the land owner was wanting that much for him. I told my PH that if I had shot him and then the land owner tried to tell me he cost that much I'd have told every one of you guys to F&*k off. There's no way I'd have paid that. He is a beautiful animal though. Oh yeah, the pasture was 18,000 hectares inside the fences, so I wouldn't classify that as anything other than fair chase.
  4. tburkes

    First post introduction

    Hi guys, TerryH was over at my house a few nights ago picking up a few things and having me do a modification to a piece of kit Matt had bought several years ago from me. In the discussion Terry mentioned this site as one of the better sites in the UK to talk about shooting, since the trouble makers are weeded out quickly, and to promote our gear on your side of the pond. I own TAB GEAR LLC. we make lots of nylon products which can be seen at our store at tabgear.com We've been in business for about five and a half years. In addition to our product line you see on our site we've done lots of custom sewing and we also do some OEM sewing for Phoenix Tactical, Barrett Firearms, and Borka Tools, the new torque wrench that I think will dominate the shooting scene around the world. Terry has one for you Matt. He has his own, so make sure he gives yours to you. We have sold our products all over Europe and Graeme Clarke is one of our dealers in the UK. I have several rifles and pistols and have done a bit of tactical match shooting here in Texas, so I have a little experience I may be able to add to the mix here, in addition to maybe making some suggestions about tips and tricks I've seen here over the years. If anyone has any questions about me or any of the gear we make I'll be happy to answer you as quickly as I can. We also love to hear suggestions and ideas from our customers on how to improve our products.
  5. tburkes

    First post introduction

    Hey, how'd you know that BD. Yes sir you've got a complete set of Ginsu steak knives on the way to you, the kind that never needs sharpening and your grand kids will be able to use to slice a tomato paper thin.
  6. tburkes

    First post introduction

    Patriot, ha, it looks like you're a walking advertisement for TAB GEAR. we're working on a few new things that hopefully will come out soon. The website is being rebuilt now and should be on line any time now. Have you used one of our rear bags? They're very popular and we are selling lots of them every month. Scotch-egg, I'm not making packs at this point. The pack in the picture is made by Spec-Ops and is called a T.H.E. Pack. It's a simple, well made, reasonably priced pack that I've had for years. Hey Rat, by Mike would you be talking about Mike Norris?
  7. tburkes


    My camera is a Nikon Cool Pix P100 and I was able to just hold the camera directly against the eye piece of the spotter. The frame of the camera will contact the rubber of the eye piece with no glass touching. It is pretty quick and easy. I've had cameras in the past where you had to kind of "float" the camera behind the eye piece and that's a pain to get everything lined up for the shot. Terry H had an idea of cutting a card board tube the length you would need to bridge the space to allow you to hold the camera up against something to get away from the "floating" problem. It sounds like it would work.
  8. tburkes

    First post introduction

    Ratwhiskers, Now I remember what you're talking about!! I'm glad you didn't get a picture of that pose. See you there.
  9. Matt, I like a cheek bone weld on my rifles, and have never had any stock at all that fit me correctly. I have an Eagle Industries Stock Pack on every rifle now, and I add padding underneath that to get to the height that works for me. I don't like chin welds either. On the rifle that I took to Africa I had the stock pack built up about 3/4 of an inch for me to get to the proper weld that worked for me. You've just got to be a little more careful so you can maintain the proper look.
  10. I just got a set of rings in from a friend of mine. Some of you will know him, I know Terry does. His name is Gary Costello and he won the World F-Class championship last year. He's having these built to his specs and I thought I'd post some information and pictures to see if there's any interest in them. Here's Gary's website should anyone have any interest in contacting him. http://www.marchscopes.co.uk/benchrest.php They're made out of of 7075 milspec Aluminum alloy and were supposed to come out of the anodizer as a satin silver, but due to the copper content actually came out a kind of green color. I thought it was a pretty neat color and blends in very well with my rifle. The screws are Allen head metric sized screws on these rings. I suggested that the Allen screws be changed out to Torx head screws since that is pretty universal everywhere. I had to go buy a 3mm and 5mm bits for my Borka Tool torque wrench before I could assemble everything. The top has March Scopes engraved into them but will probably be left blank in the next run of rings. The set you see here are medium and he has them in 30mm and 34mm sizes. As you can see in the pictures the inside edges of the rings are chamfered as are the seams where the two ring halves come together. this will eliminate any scope tube finish being scraped off when tightening the ring halves together. There are two locator pins to keep the base clamp properly lined up while the rings are being tightened down. The inside edge of the clamping screw is also beveled to allow the clamp to center itself when tightening. Each pair of rings has each half of each ring numbered with a 1 and a 2, so it's easy for the customer to be able to keep the rings indexed to each other when the rings are disassembled. I know there have been several times I've set a ring half down and either forgot to mark it, or didn't remember which way I had it facing when I put everything back together again.
  11. tburkes

    Dirt on lens

    What has been the outcome of the hair in your scope? Man, that just doesn't even sound right! I had a brand new high end scope about two years ago and when I was dry firing it all of a sudden a black speck appeared in the reticle. I'd heard of this happening a time or two in other scopes and just continued to dry fire, and I also banged on the tube with a mallet a couple of times. It went away and I've never had anything reappear since then. I've always heard very good things about S&B customer service. They've set up a repair facility in the US recently and I've heard of a couple of instances where they sent out loaner scopes while the repairs were taking place.
  12. Haaha, Terry, I laughed out loud seeing your little ninja head on the post. I think I'll ask Gary to send me a set of medium 30 mm rings and another set of 34's to take some actual pictures for people to look at. As they say a pics worth a...yeah everyone knows the rest, but I think it would help most people to see how an actual scope looks mounted before they send in their money.
  13. I hope you don't think I was saying that Gary is making these himself. He told me he's having someone make them for him. I had no idea who was making them for him I agree, the bevels, guide pins, and indexing numbers are all very good ideas. The finish is very very good all the way around. Zaitsev, I think they're available now, and run around $200.00 USD or there abouts. I think they're made in the UK, is that where the Third Eye Tactical guys are located? I'm really liking the NH-1 prototype reticle in that scope. Hey Ronin, you've got to start somewhere, and the Atlas is a really nice bipod.
  14. tburkes

    First post introduction

    I'm glad you're liking the sling David. Orka, you mean something like this? Edited to add: These are pictures of the first mat I made. we now have a double row of stitching around the edge tape on the edge of the mat and the stake pouch.
  15. tburkes


    Here are a few more pictures of animals and scenery. Here are some assorted pictures that we took on our Africa trip. Most of these were taken at a nature park called Pilanesburg. A three week old Giraffe. We did some hunting on this guys property. He also raises White Rhino and Cape Buffalo for breeders. We were on foot about 20 yards from these guys and got some pretty cool video and pictures. Those things are so big and can move so fast I was glad to get back into the truck after seeing them. We spent one day in Pilanseburg Park. You just drive where you want to and stop when you feel like it. We had a great time here and saw lots of different animals. Dead elephant We saw this big guy walking about 800 yards away toward a group of trees. This looked like a good way to set up my spotting scope and try to take some pictures of the elephant through it. The pictures of this lioness don't do justice to actually being about 130 yards from her and looking at her through some of the best glass in the world at 60 power.
  16. tburkes

    First post introduction

    Thanks a lot everyone, I'm pretty busy at the moment, so I may be sporadic on my posting. Nice picture Matt. I have to say I've never seen these sitting slings you guys are using where you've got this webbing wrapped around both knees and your back. I've figured out a sitting position that is pretty unorthodox looking but works very well for me. I'll have to post a couple of pictures of it as another idea to throw out there. Ratwhiskers, I'm afraid I don't remember the pic you're talking about, it must be a good one though. Did you and I talk at SHOT? If we did will you be going again next year? We just booked our flight and hotel last week. Please make sure you come by the booth if you make it this year. I appreciate your compliment on the workmanship. Like I told someone, I try to make everything like I was sending it off with a family member into harms way. Sure did Terry, this site is very nice. It looks like SnipersHide when I first joined it several years ago when it was so small everyone was on the same page and just trying to help each other out. By my latest trip, do you mean the Africa trip? I'll be happy to post some pictures and make a few comments as well.

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