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  2. Ejcb

    Help required!

    Thanks for your input - appreciated. my mates dies were fairly sooty, coupled with excess lube, most likely created the issue.
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  4. bramble basher

    115gn berger vld

    hi all anybody using these in 25-06 would like to give them a try any thoughts and starting data would be appreciated have got vit 150,160,560 also ram-shot big game, reload Swiss rs60 thanks in advance bb
  5. Paul Cat

    Foxing Facebook Groups

    In their pre-amble to the application to join all seemed keen to see online evidence of my shooting. Publicity is the last thing I want so they're almost certainly not for me anyway. Ignorant buggers might have least replied though.

    Help required!

    Should be safe, consider Redding has a product to inside neck lube, dry mica and some ball media just dip in and if the case body is already lubed size away. Could be lube dents? Perhaps clean the die body to remove excess lube and stiff they collect. Best wishes for good shooting.
  7. Paul Cat

    Hawke subsonic reticle available for Strelok Pro?

    I was about to ask the same question for exactly the same scope. Well, that and a Nikko Stirling. I've emailed Igor with screenshots of both reticles and a promise to buy the Pro version if they are added. Fingers crossed.
  8. Ejcb

    Help required!

    Gents, just sorting through some 3 x fired Hornady 6.5 CM and noticed some striations on the shoulder of the cartridge. i suspect this is from a poorly lubed case and the expander ball compressing it. has anyone seen this before and have an idea whether these would be safe to fire?
  9. GT3_richy

    Foxing Facebook Groups

    Sadly this about sums up my experience too. Also never post anything to do with shooting fluffies, doesn't matter what I set privacy settings to on FB, people still seem to know my business ;s
  10. Does the ridge line bag have the zip off day sack please
  11. Mark II

    Reasonable price bullets

    I have tried the usual suspects but will keep looking and post if I find anything
  12. Hi Any work done on the trigger? Does it come with scope rail? Thickness of barrel at muzzel?
  13. Folding stock Sold subject to the usual. Kind regards, Bob.
  14. banus02

    Reasonable price bullets

    good evening,not sure about about reasonable priced but cdsg < i think> do free delivery if you spend over £50 and you probably will ! dauntseyguns often have stock but getting pricy ,spud1967 again on the expensive side but tends to have stock. bullets have gone up in price my nosler 120 b/t has gone up £5+ a box of fifty.if you find any reasonable price bullets ,feel free to drop me a pm.
  15. shoppe

    Xm22 or xm30 thermal?

    Hi. I have the XM38 and is is really really good. My foxing is done mainly at very early morning just now. Out at 4.00am for about 3 hours . I hate to use this quote but if really is a game changer . Unfortunately it is discontinued. I do not know why. I would not be without one now.
  16. Mark II

    Reasonable price bullets

    Hello all I am looking for a source of 308 bullets eg Hornady ELD or SMK at a reasonable price if there is such a thing. Cheers Mark
  17. As per the title, I have an aim 55 drag bag for sale in very good condition. The bag is Black. I have too many cases and I prefer my Ridgeline bag with the zip off day sack. I will be replacing my 47” Ridgeline with a 54” one if the AIM sells ok. The Ridgeline 47” is also going to be for sale. It’s in as new condition having never left the house. AIM Bag is £125.00 Posted Ridgeline 47” is £85.00 Posted
  18. Price reduced to £200 including postage
  19. Very good condition bergarra HMR bedded in to a a PSE Tactical stock. In 6. 5 cm A light and very comfortable rifle to use. Just not enough time to use the 6.5 As I don’t reload the most expensive to shoot is the rifle that must go. It has had very little use. The PSE stock is excellent I have another one on order for my 308. The stock required some bedding work done as I bought it used. Ronin on here bedded the stock, bottom metal and action in a very good job. The rifle is a solid dependable and accurate in the calibre if the day at bargain prices. 1650 rifle is 1150 new Stock 800 Bedding 200 Bottom metal 200 Mags 80 each 250 Plus RFDs to have it bedded Pictures are not the best I’m afraid more by email or watsapp if requested. Can come as a complete package with a choice of scopes For an additional price. Swarovski z6 i 3-18 x 50 Bushnell ERS 3-21 Or if someone fancies breaking the bank a Swarovski DS Attachments C881A3DC-1226-451B-9EE9-7A9ACF91B7E3.jpeg 289.2 KBViews: 35 D7B9ABD2-8D16-4A94-AAA6-DF4757034D97.jpeg 237.3 KBViews: 34 97269A13-12BA-4A4F-82A
  20. Tried to pm you but you can’t revive messages inbox might be full cheers Paul
  21. For sale pulsar f155 digital nv add on mint condition only used a few times £750 posted
  22. Hi, are you still selling this?
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