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  3. No i deer

    7 saum powder choice

    1700 shots so far. 26 inch fluted heavy varmint strait taper bartlein barrel about 0.900 at the muzzle. Recently getting 2800fps with 180gr ELD match bullets on 54grs of N160. I've been running 162gr amaxs on 57grs on N165 at about 2820fps for hunting. I've used 180gr scenar l's and 180gr hybrids on N165 which is slower.
  4. No i deer

    7 saum powder choice

    I will be mower 😉
  5. Which AR version are the BDM for? If V-22 or M261 I'll take them please (they will be marked as such) Will take the McFadden loader too Ta
  6. Hawke Dovetail/Weaver Bubble Level – £10.00 Yes please Paul.
  7. Andrew

    .44 mag advice

    You're joking, right?🤔~Andrew
  8. Been after another V-22 as I sold my previous one due to it not being given enough range time, etc. 11" barrel..??
  9. Yesterday
  10. Re-Pete

    Unlike dinner partners?

    Here's a couple of my regulars enjoying some peanuts..................they always eat these first. Pete
  11. Various Shooting and Reloading Items - Pictures available (All Prices Include Postage) - Payment by Bank Transfer or PayPal as gift - no fees to me Sightron SIII 8-32x56 LRMOA reticle ¼ MOA clicks, including sunshade (Boxed) - £700.00 · Boyds Stock – Howa Laminated Stock (Woodland Camo) Brand new in box) - £250.00 · Form Rifle Stock Rem 700 – Crusader LR (non-adjustable) - Black (as new) - £295.00 · Rifle Basix Trigger – Howa / Wetherby – 1.5-3.5 lbs (As new in Box) - £150.00 · Triggertech Primary Rem 700 1.5 - 4 lbs (As new in box) - £165.00 · EGW Howa Picatinny Rail 20 MOA (As new in box) - £40.00 · Legacy Rem 700 Short Action Mag Conversion - £65.00 · Optilock Rings and Bases – Blued – 25mm Low - £75.00 · Wilson 6.5x47 Bullet Seater (Boxed) - £52.00 · Wilson 6.5x47 Neck Sizer & Base (Boxed) - £90.00 · Ruger .22RF BX-25 Magazine - £21.00 · Lee Zip Trim (Boxed) - £17.00 · Lee Powder Scale (Brand New In Box) - £23.00 · UTG Riser Mount (Brand New In Box) - £25.00 · Combro MK4 Chronograph (Boxed) - £28.00 · Hawke Dovetail/Weaver Bubble Level – £10.00 · MTM Digital Reloading Scale - (Boxed complete) - £28.00 · Limbsaver Sharpshooting X-Ring - Bull Barrel (Brand new in Box) - £15.00 · MTC Viper 30mm high rings (Boxed) - £20.00 · LEE .357 die set (Very well used) - £18.00 · 100 x once fired Geco .223 Brass (Boxed) - £24.00 · Hornady L-N-L Bushing Conversion Kit (Boxed and unused) - £18.00 · LEE Quick Trim Die .308 & .357 - £13.50 each or both for £25.00 · Hornady .17 Hornet die set (Expander ball + Pin needed) - £25.00 · Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor die set (New zip spindle needed) - £25.00 · UTG Quick Release 25mm High weaver mounts - £20.00 · AccuCover Objective lense cover (As new in Box) - £15.00 · Black Dog .22RF 25 round AR15 Magazine x 2 - £21.50 each or £40.00 for both · McFadden Machine Ultimate Cliploader (Buckmark/Ruger) .22RFspeed loader - £23.00 · Clulite Pro Spotter (Brand New In Box – Unopened) - £80.00 · Clulite Clu-Briter Spotlight (Brand New In Box – Unopened) - £60.00 · Pedersoli ABS Cased Rifle Match Set (Brand New In Box – Unopened) - £30.00 · Edgar Brothers Optimate Opti-90 Red Dot Sight (Boxed with mounts) - £130.00 · Pro-Chrono Digital Chronograph + USB Interface Kit (Boxed) - £100.00 · Strike System Holster and 4 x Buckmark waistband Mag holders - £35.00 · BSA Edge 2-7 pistol scope (used – no box, but will be packed well) - £30.00 Cheers. Paul
  12. justin credible

    7 saum powder choice

    Oooh Neil you really are the best, proper good you are😂😂😂
  13. Fitz

    7 saum powder choice

    Thanks for your input guys much appreciated. Deer that is a beautiful group with your 284. You mentioned barrel life, what kind of life are you getting from your 284. And what velocity are you getting? again sorry for all the questions.
  14. Hi watch lovers, Toying with the idea of buying a Bertucci A2T watch for everyday wear, just wondering if anyone has any experience of this brand or the model? I like field watches for non formal wear and this American brand seems to offer a lot of watch for the money.
  15. Don't know when i'll be back next. Did a couple of SWAT courses with Irving/Dallas/Fort Worth PD.....what a couple of weeks ! Warmed up with 10,000 rounds each of 9mm at the range the weekend before.......probably shot more in that weekend than in 25yrs in the UK....talk about sore thumbs from loading in 95 degrees heat !! Met some great people.....happy days !! Regards, Rob.
  16. Cant be used on deer and too expensive for fox so not much use in the UK.
  17. How fast were you going when you took the photo?!
  18. I think that must have been a previous visit Gary. Never a dull moment with Dave M around 😁
  19. No i deer

    Problems Sierra TMK seating

    My 6.5x47 with 139gr scenars sat on 41grs of RS62 doesn't usually seat to the desired length on the first stroke of the ram. Sometimes it needs 2 or more.. Try it. Seat and measure.. Seat and measure and see if measures shorter each time but don't force it. The powder is compressing a bit more each stroke.. scenars have a thick jacket so less likely to dent it.. if I had a long drop tube it may help.. I do tap the case a few times on the bench top with my finger over the neck to stop powder flying out to get powder too settle down a bit more before seating..
  20. Moorlander

    Unlike dinner partners?

    Its what the cullers use for the traps.
  21. GT3_richy

    Problems Sierra TMK seating

    Was going to say the same, often hard to get consistency seating over very compressed loads
  22. No i deer

    Problems Sierra TMK seating

    If your using a compressed load this could cause it too.. Try the lighter neck tension method first though 👍
  23. Akeld

    Problems Sierra TMK seating

    Some die manufacturers will supply a polished seater to prevent this, or you can do it yourself with lapping paste
  24. Good times Ian ....seven hilarious days and excellent craic....Were you there for the liquor store visit in Mingus?
  25. MarinePMI

    Problems Sierra TMK seating

    IME, the TMK's have a very soft jacket, and when seating, you can easily crush/deform the ogive if there is too much neck tension. So, you need either a better fitting seating plug, or you need to set a lighter neck tension, via an expansion mandrel/die. Dealing with the same thing in my CM, but haven't ordered the mandrels yet. Had the same issue as well in my 224 Valkyrie, and the expansion mandrel did the trick quite well.
  26. MarinePMI

    (Texas) one of the best place to hunt Deer

    I can imagine. It's strange even for us Americans, even when we live there. They're old laws that never came off the books, and since some have used them to make a living now (like the "uni-card" membership to a proverbial "club" that allows you to drink in restaurants), they'll probably stay in place. Kind of similar to the laws you guys used to have about Pubs, being affiliated to only one parent brewery, limiting what they could sell (at least until the laws finally changed). Made no sense, but continued on long after it was enacted until people finally couldn't avoid changing it to something that made sense.
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