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Barrel import

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Thanks again for the constructive info gents... it was never my intention to bypass any rules concerning importation of ITAR items just wanting to know the status of an unchambered barrel ….Think I know now lol ….fully aware  that I can get a host of different makes of barrel to suit my HTR but I wanted the exact same barrel to replace my current barrel when needed, originality etc.

Armed with the info given I can now look into sorting it out early next year.

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As the cost to obtain a US export permit is the same regardless of how much you put onto it, be it 1 barrel or 40 barrels+bullets+brass+++ then it might pay to contact folks who bring things in all the time to have your barrel put onto their license?

Just a thought?


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On 11/5/2019 at 5:27 PM, phoenix said:

If you are the importer, living in the UK, breaking a US federal law is irrelevant.

People in the UK break US federal laws every day, but they don't finish up in Levenworth

The exporter may have a problem, but you won't

If you are telling the exporter to lie on a federal form then you are committing the federal offence. No real problem for you I would think until the next family trip to Disneyland FL, the Fed's computers have a long memory.

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