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British Shooting Show email

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I expect a number of forum members will have received the British Shooting Show:


"An official statement from the British Shooting Show
The British Shooting Show will always support the promotion of shooting and regulated hunting as sports and recreational activities, where they are carried out ethically and within the law. The British Shooting Show will always support good practices, and ethically and environmentally managed shooting and sporting activities that promote the highest standards to those who participate in them. The British Shooting Show has not banned any individual or organisation and will not do so unless it is legally obliged so to do.The British Shooting Show recognises that there are those who oppose, for their own reasons, the activities of others. The British Shooting Show is content to recognise the rights of third parties to oppose hunting, shooting and gun ownership, but maintains the right of all participants in regulated hunting and shooting sports to go about their lawful legal activities. Wherever possible, the British Shooting Show will consider all representations made to it and provide a platform for peaceful and meaningful discussion of all relevant issues."

What's all this about?  Is it the aftermath of the General Licence upset?

Seems unnecessary to me

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Its because the NEC have banned all big game operators from the show after receiving complaints "from their customers" and a petition with 35000 signatures lobbying them not to allow the safari operators........thin end of the wedge methinks !!

Regards, Rob.

ps long thread on SD about this. 

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