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270 Winchester 110 grain V MAX

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Hi people. 

Being a big fan of using my 270 and 300WM rifles on everything, I wondered if anyone has any experience with the 270 Winchester and the 110 grain V-MAX? 

I'm really looking for any reloading data for this calibre and bullet, and any other comments please. 

At present I have a fairly good load worked up for my 270 M65 heavy barreled TIKKA using H4831 SC, and a light crimp to hold the bullet in its cannelure. Its very accurate, even at 600 yards ( tried it for the hell of it at this range), and I use this load for most of the time, including for deer ( which I head or neck shoot). Its especially comforting on land that's a little flat, as these bullets really explode. 

I was considering working up some loads with RL16, and was curious if anyone else has any suggestions for loading recipes? 

I may even try some 85 or 90 grain bullets for the hell of it. 

All replies are greatly appreciated. 


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Tried the 90g's and they tumble out of my 270.  110's work fine.

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That's what I thought. At present I use Hodgdon H4831SC., which is, of course, large unavailable. Good news is, is that we actually left the EU on the 29th of March. Hopefully this EU broccoli will end soon. 

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