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6.5 Creedmoor Load Data

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Hi everyone,

Has anyone got any load data for a 6.5 Creedmoor. I’m buying a rifle with a 1-8” twist and a 31” barrel. Preferably wanting to use Vit or Swiss Powders with Sierra Bullets. What brass, primer, powder, bullet etc


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If RS....email them with your requirements and they'll run a QL prediction for you to get you started.

With that twist, to make the most of high BC bullets, perhaps look at the 139/140gr bullets/RS62/CCI400 or if going the small primer brass route, Murom KVB-223Magnum or Remmy 7.5 or CCI250 primers.

For Brass there's Starline & Lapua both of which are popular.

With the longer barrel, you might want to look at Viht N160 with the heavier bullets.

My own choice of bullets is Lapua Scenar 139gr.  I have found them consistent and accurate.  Nostler competition also worth a look.  From Sierra, I'd be looking at the #1740 140gr or even the 123gr #1727 driven fast.

I have loads of data for the 139gr Scenar/RS62 but in a shorter (24") barrel.

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Hello guys,

I´m a Krautshooter circling around exactly this subject, with a Tikka T3x CTR 24" barrel. Found this topic by googling around and it was dead-on.

After testing 8 bullets I got stuck with the 147 Hornady ELD Match and the 139 Lapua Scenar, which gave me the best precision so far.

Not already at that point where I want to be, but getting near.

Tested 3 powders also, the N150 (which I had on hands because of my old .30-06), the RS 60 (which was a bit to fast) and am gambling around with the RS 62 right now.

Primers are Remington LR.

My goal is to get as fast as possible being as accurate as possible.

The 139 Lapua has a V0 of 2800 fps and the 147 Hornady is around 2680 fps with the RS 62, above those velocities first pressure marks appear, so I´ve been settling there.

Precision is around 0.5 MOA or slightly above 0.5 MOA.

I´ve read inhere, that CCI primers are recommended. Are they more consistent?

I also thought about testing another powder to maybe gain some tighter groups or/and a bit more velocity.

Because of availability I would prefer Eurpean powders, RS or VV.

Has anyone tried the RS 70 or the N160 in the 6.5 CM?


Any response, info or help is appreciated.


Cheers from the Black Forest,





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If you change primers your accuracy will change. For the better or for the worse.....!

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RS70 may be a little slow burning for the 6.5.  RS62 shares similar characteristics to H4350 which was the defacto "go to" powder for the 6.5 until REACH came along and works well with my 123 to 140gr bullets.

Primers can affect both MV and consistency.  With such slippery bullets, consistency is more important than the chase for high velocity which whilst always useful to limit wind drift, is not the be-all and end all with these bullets.  My best shooting at 1000yds has involved velocities of around 2700fps with the 139 scenar and the sweet spot seems to be from 2700fps to 2800fps with the 139 bullet.

Using SR primers, ignition energy is significantly lower than with the LR primers, and it pays to try various primers.  CCI are ok (CCI250 or BR4) but you also have the choice of the Remington 7 1/2 benchrest primers, Murom KVB-223M (don't be tempted to the standard KVB223 unless you want pierced primers and/or gas-cut bolt faces!) and Federal 205M all of which seem popular amongst the LR shooters.

The other thing to note is any variance between powder batches.  I have found RS62 fairly consistent between batches but it is a crudely extruded powder with some large and uneven extrusions in the pot so taking extra care when measuring charges with that powder is a must. Viht N150/N160 seems better in that respect.

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