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Rear bag bases - still permitted?

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Hi all

It's been rumored that (as of this year) we will no longer be allowed to use rear bag bases in F- class matches (i.e. the very nice aluminium bases, which house Edgewood bags, and are produced by Dolphin). It is also rumored that the new rule could be met e.g. by fixing the bag to the base.

Before I crack open the Araldite, please could somebody point me to the new rule? I read the 2018 ICFRA regulations last night and found nothing of relevance. 

Many thanks!

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Where did you hear or read the rumour?

ICFRA rule F2.9 states that plates under rear bags are permitted but that they must be flat and without levelling screws.

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Hi Brillo

I heard the rumour from a number of people at GB F class league shoots.

Since posting on UKV, there's been a fairly lengthy discussion on the GB F class association FB page, and the general consensus is that nothing has changed.

As you note, ICFRA rule F2.9 seems to be the point of contention (specifically reference to "flat top and bottom"), and my personal interpretation is that this relates to the board under a bipod. 

Either way, by way of a sanity check, the 2014 ICFRA rules also require a "flat top and bottom" and so it would appear that nothing has changed, at least in this regard.

Thank you for your help (both here, Brillo; and to the league shooters on FB)!

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Hi Craig,

I know about the discussion on the GBFCA Facebook group. I started it it based on your OP. Glad the discussion helped.😀


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I may go on and get an aluminium base done for my lenzi now then as some firing points are quite slopey and i can only just get the seb neo low enough.that extra height will help.

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