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Some of this weeks finishings.

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First is a .338 Lapua magnum.



This is based on a Defiance Deviant magnum action.


Fitted with a Bartlien 1-9.3" heavy varmint blank. Threaded M18 x 1 and invisible capped, and a sako TRG brake.


Trigger is a calvin Elite, and its sat in a CIP length AI AICS AX stock in black.


Next is a Remington.

This is a fully blueprinted action, to which I fitted a Bartlien 1-8" blank, and chambered it in .260 Rem.


M18 x 1 thread and cap. 

20 MOA rail, and all painted in cerakote armour black.


Fully bedded into a McMillan M40A1 stock, in their old distressed woodland cam pattern.

Standard rem floorplate and follower.

Trigger is a trigger tech unit, and it has an ASE Jet-z mod to go with it too.


Next is a Bighorn.

Another lovely action. This one is fitted with a Bartlien 1-8" twist, and chambered in 6XC.


3 port brake and also a Jet-z mod.


All metalwork done in OD green Cerakote.

Trigger is a Bix n Andy single stage.


The stock is a McMillan A6 .It had to be cut and reshaped for the bighorn ejection port, as they are larger than a remmy.

Fully bedded all the way through, to include the Tier 1 floorplate with ambi catch.


American Rifle Co magazines, double stack, central feed, optimised for CRF.

Paintwork is OD green, AI dark earth, and black cerakote, sat under a satin lacquer.


A busy week for finishing. There were a couple of AR's too, maybe pics later.


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Absolutely stunning work mate,

I'd be interested in seeing the AR's if you get a chance to upload the pics. This is an idea that i am still toying with.....




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Lovely stuff there. Especially like the paint scheme on the Bighorn.


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And carlos hathcock behind it ? 

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That Bighorn action is calling me.  I had the pleasure of handling the one Dave had at the shooting show, absolutely fantastic.  Nice work as always Dave. Cheers JP.

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