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300m ISSF prone and 3 position

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After shooting ISSF air rifle and smallbore competitevely since 2001, and dipping my toe in F Class last year, I decieded  to build an affordable .223 Rem 300m ISSF rifle. It is supposed to be affordable with affordable amunition for a casual shooter. I'm building a T3x Tikka in a custom stock with Walther sights. According to ballistic calculator with 80gr Sierra @2800fps I will be giving up around an inch of wind drift in 4m/s (10mph) wind compared to factory 6mm BR Lapua. It doesn't seem too bad... Will see if it shoots :)




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Interesting project Michael


look forwards to seeing the results - stock looks not dissimilar to Sig 205 Phantom in design 

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Looks very business-like............223 with 80 grain bullets at 300yds should produce some good scores. My 223  is based on a Tikka M595 action with a 760mm 8 twist barrel.

It shoots 80 grain SMK's very well at 600yds. MV 2900.


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Hi Michal

Nice looking stock, a bit Walther anatomic. Any testing yet?

I've now done my first tests on my 300mt .223 project, sadly the only date we've had so far this year at Bisley (our only UK 300mt range) was on 16th/17th March when the conditions were not ideal for a light calibre, shooting on a very tight target, in fact they were horrendous, with gales all week end, and the range on safety shut down warning, so a bit of a trial!

BUT, I was impressed, as a .223 virgin, I was impressed with the low recoil, and surprised by how it behaved in the at times crazy winds, in fact I also shot with my 6 mmBR as did my wife, and it was very similar scores, and wind responses. I did shoot a full 60 shot match on the Sunday when the conditions were just very difficult, as against crazy, and with reasonable results, not a lot below what I'd expect with my full 300 mt set up in those conditions.. That was also with not ideal ammo, in that I used the GGG 69 gr match, as the GGG 77gr match is not yet available in the UK.

Although my wife and I shoot 300mt seriously with 6mmBR Keppeler 300 mt rifles,  like you, this project is to see if it can be shot to a standard with a cheaper, but still top class rifle, a Barnard/Bartlein, and using factory ammo, as the GGG 77gr is priced near enough what it costs to reload with high spec materials, and save the hassle of reloading as an option for newcomers to the discipline.

I'd like it to shoot to a good standard with the GGG 77gr, so will try that as soon as it arrives, but if its not available or does not perform, then I'll reload, and it would be with 80 gr Siera's, but a wait now as the ammo is not here, and we don't have a date now until the end of April.

I'm glad to contribute to this 300 mt post, and if any UK shooters would like to try the discipline they are welcome to contact me and I will be happy to advise. And just so they know the types of gun we use, attached are pics of our 300 mt 6mmBR Keppelers,  and the Barnard .223 project rifle, the lurid shades of purple rifle is my wife's!

Have fun



rifles 015.JPG

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Well, now at last,  I have tested my .223 300mt project properly, and I used the new, only just available in the UK  GGG .223 Rem match 77gr ammo, which uses the Sierra Match King HPBT bullet. The initial shoots were in awful wind conditions,  but at last a sensible condition week end at Bisley, although the 300 mt range on Century range ten is never easy as the wind swirls in that corner.

The conclusions? I'm afraid there are several caveats, and its not conclusive,  but the thing is a tack driver! Even at 300 mts when its pointed at the middle, that's were it goes!! The ammo, is superb, we do reload 6mmBR and the objective of this project was to shoot factory .223 ammo to, a) save the hassle of reloading, and b) to provide a cheaper option than factory 6 mmBR, the GGG 77gr does both, and at £85 ish a hundred is around what we can load  6mm for, and frankly seeing the results, I can't see why any one would bother to reload, they are unlikely to get better results, and its not worth the hassle (see point a)!).

So what's the caveat?  After several shoots at Bisley in heavy wind, we eventually had a light wind week end (light for Bisley!), but it was still fish tailing and changing in strength,  so the first real test of the accuracy,  and the .223 was still very tricky to keep in the ten ring,  not to mention the X ring.  The 300 mt ten is 100 mm across (the X, 50 mm),  and on the slightest wind change, and on a light wind fishtail (from left to right) with the 6 mmBR it usually held the edges of the ten,  or a close nine, with no sight adjustment,  but the same change put the .223 either a bad nine or an eight!  When the shooter had the wind right, and pointed it at the middle, that's where it went! I had one five shot string, when I achieved that, and it was all X's, and inside a 25 mm group,  but miss the slight wind change, and you are in the 8 ring!  And its a 60 shot match, not a five shot group!

Over a week end I shot two 60 shot matches with it, and my wife (who is a top level shooter) also tried it, we both got similar results,  and both came to the same conclusion.

It is superb to shoot, the low recoil is nicer than the 6 mm, it is fantastically accurate, the GGG 77 gr ammo is excellent, and well up to the job, BUT it relies on the shooter being a superb wind judge,  or having dead flat calm conditions,  to get competitive scores, or even get with in 10 points of a 6 mm score in the same conditions.

Maybe,  if I reloaded, and went up to the max on bullet weight, 80gr or 82gr on my barrel twist, and stoked up the rounds a lot faster, it may shoot the wind better, but that defeats the object of the project, to shoot cheaper factory, and to save the hassle of reloading, and we load 6 mm now for the same cost and it shoots as accurate and a lot better in wind.

Another plus point for the .223, it certainly bucked up my concentration on wind judgement!

So I think its going to get reserved for those rare flat calm days,  or some local training at 100 mts!  I'd be interested to hear how Michal is getting on with his in Poland?

Have fun


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