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Winter 2018 Roundhouse Rifle Challenge

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2 hours ago, bradders said:

It's how he intended, and I was doing my bit by parting the waters


That is one big Jaysus!

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2 hours ago, Ronin said:

Interesting to hear of AICS mag failure - maybe that’s a bit harsh - self stripping more apt perhaps 


I expected to hear of dirt : mud: sand ingress causing issues with tight chambers / bolts on custom guns 

A couple of guys at The Eskdalemuir shoot had issues with custom guns 


I believe there have been TRG failures at Roundhouse too ?


Think everyone may struggle with barricade positional shooting under stress 


Agreed you and spotter or team mate need to work Mil Mil or Moa Moa 


No sense doing any other way 


It's why I love competitive shooting, it's a testing environment where you prove not only your abilities, but also those of your equipment, and "precious" guns or components don't last the course.

I'll always choose something proven in competition, and while most stuff can be deemed to be up to it, I can see that some of these fancy bolt gun aftermarket triggers, magazines and scope rings etc just can't cut it. Tight chambers and finished tolerances aren't the best bet either and I've always been happy to listen to others experiences, gain my own and only recommend quality parts

Second rate will let you down in the end

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