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Warden Digcepter

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The Drone Pro has all ways been  considered the best digital nightvision available in the UK by most nightvision pundits, I myself have two the mark one with the 10x added on and the mark two that came with the 10x as standard.  Over a period of time  i've shot a lot of foxes and rabbits  using both however I found myself looking for an alternative when the company in Ireland  stopped selling Drones as  Armersight were  bought out by Fleur.

 I went and bought the Digcepter first thing I noticed was the high build quality it's a lot more rugged construction than the Drone 10x  i've had it for some weeks mounted on my 223  I can honestly say it exceeds the performance of the Drones in all  areas. Full set up is very easy as was the Drone un like  other night vision I've had experience with helping friends over many hours work out complicated menu systems. After taking time  i'm playing with the brightness settings on the reticle and the screen I found I have a better picture out to 300 yards than the Drones  I initially started on standard set up and found it was equal now after many hours of use it surpasses.  Battery life is much improved over the Drones  and using straightforward rechargeables as recommended by Clive are cheap and easy.  I'm using a laser supplied by Clive  but have experimented with his SunRanger large and small the  larger one on a clear night enables me see to well out past 300yards to a range that I would not shoot at night.

 I will be selling my mark two Drone  sometime in the New Year as I now have full confidence in the Digcepter  i've also got one of Clive's thermal scopes to set up and use so I'll let you know haw I get on with that as well. 

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Ok I've just looked Night vision stores web site and it isn't listed but it was recommended by Clive. 

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I also have the digiceptor after having most NV in the past it is definitely the ultimate that I have used, bit more military spec than the drone that's for sure.


Mine is for sale on another forum unfortunately as I need to free some money up and it's the toys which have to go first!

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