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Has any one got one of the very late generation Remlin?

Am thinking of buying one in 45LC just for plinking, ive read all the good , bad, and general rubbish on line, but would be interested in opinions from people who have ACTUALLY

got one!

New ones are the same price as old JM ones, Age dos'nt bother me but im not overly impressed with the idea of paying a grand for some worn out old dog!



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Having owned an original one, which was beautiful, wish I’d never sold it.... and seen the new ones, even those more recently produced ones which had a lot of the problems ironed out, I would still go for the JM rifles. Be picky, buy wisely and you won’t be disappointed.

If I were buying new, I’d go for the Henry Big Boy range. I still don’t think they’re as nice as the JM Marlins, but they’re nicer than the Remington Marlins.

I’ve been tempted a few times as lever guns are just great, I’ve looked at quite a few, both here and in the States and think Henry have the edge in terms of overall quality, particularly fit and finish.

I’m sure others will disagree.....

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I bought two JM's from the Roding Armoury  back in the day , a 357 ans a 44 , both stainless and to be honest both were a bit crap, paid £900 for the pair, these would be 900 each now, and still be crap!

Also  had a 44 long barreled cowboy which was lovely , so you never know what your actually going to get!

In fact a 357 AE big lever i had was the best of the bunch, should have kept that one!

Remlin, any body actually used one????????   



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I have .357Mag and 45Colt JM Marlins and previously a Cowboy 45-70Govt, also  JM. All great guns. 

The 45-70 was replaced with a Ruger No.1 (same calibre), which I liked and which served me well as a stalking gun. 


Ultimately, I missed the Marlin and I wanted something a bit more utilitarian than the charming Ruger. I wanted weather resistance and short, but didn’t fancy the too-shiny SBL guide gun. 

Accordingly, I did a lot of homework before buying a Remlin GSBL: stainless but matte black coating (gimmicky name of it) and a laminate stock in a subdued green.  I checked sight alignment, feed, fit and finish before paying the (outrageous) asking price.



It shoots well and has been reliable. This particular model is ideal for my needs, so I paid the premium; much cheaper options available for range/fair-weather use. Fit and finish of this ONE Remlin is comparable to my JMs. 


No big gaps:




This is the worst of it:



Loading gate spring was a bit heavy and the edge of the gate a bit sharp (but JMs used to come like this, too):



I’ve had a good look around mine, slicking it in the usual way; didn’t come across any horror show burrs etc:




If you do buy a Remlin, make sure it is recent: the quality only picked up in recent years and there may be plenty of lemons still coming through.


Incidentally, my JM Marlin 45Colt Cowboy Octagonal barrel is probably my favourite gun out of any I have owned. 


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I bought one of the bad batch of .357 remlins in stainless a few years ago. I tuned it, and no matter what I did with it, it would not feed, despite trying several new carriers. It went back, and was replaced with a blued model, which I subsequently went to town on.

That has to be the slickest marlin I've ever tuned, and served me well in the 3 years I shot for the England gallery team with it. Its now sat in the safe, languishing.

The tubular bolt guns [ think its the 886 ] didn't suffer as much as the square bolt smaller models, when the factory tooling was moved. The very worst, were the .357's.

I believe Marlin stopped production for 18 months whilst they either did the machinery op, or replaced it.

The current guns are apparently good now, but I fear the damage had been done.

I still think they are the finest lever gun out there, with a whole host of aftermarket goodies, and are also very easily mountable with a scope, unlike winchester's, rossi's etc.

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Cheers Bangman and Baldie, 

Appreciate the pics and opinions  👍


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