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243 Build

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Hi all - long time reader, first time poster. I have a question on a  build.

I enjoy long range target (Bisley - 600-1200y) and metal (out to 1000m) shooting, and also stalk deer (40-60 per year) as my venison consumption requires. I currently have;

308 - exclusive stalking rifle for all deer

300wm - exclusive stalking rifle for stags, sika, goats, ibex etc.

6.5CR - range only rifle for club shoots and trips to WMS and the like

I have a slot for a 243, and would like to build something for both range and field use on smaller deer and the odd fox. I'm thinking of a Savage 12 LRP (https://shootingsports.edgarbrothers.com/pages/Model-12-Long-Range-Precision.aspx) - I already have a Swaro x5i which I could swap in. I'd be looking to use 100/105 gr pills - I've used Hornady with success to date albeit in a different build. I figure this gives me optionality around stock, a setup that's appropriate for the range and flexibility on the use of a mod. My only concern is the weight, but I have the 308 for when I'm doing a lot of walking around the woods, and the 300 for open hill. 

Would be interested in feedback and thoughts on this, whether a mod is thought necessary etc. Thanks in advance.

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I have never known any different sure it’s not essential but I would prefer to shot a 243 with a mod as a general comment.......................Fox / small deer would be less disturbance to other fox/deer. Houses? Other people? keeping a low profile? Less recoil? Less noise for your ears ? Looking at what you use and your experience you will know this? Every situation / person is different but you see very few pictures of roe / fox rifles without a mod. This may be a clue

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