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338 300gr Scenar - pointed?

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With the current shortage of 300gr Hybrids I'm seriously pondering the possibility of improving upon the 300gr Scenars and developing a new load with them. Anybody bothered pointing these before? What results have you achieved?

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If the 300 grainers are as good at the 7mm 180gr scenar l's and 6.5 cal 139 grainers you won't need bother.if you do the shooting shed probaly have what you need or make some to your requirements.

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I actually have Davy´s die for pointing and can recommend it wholeheartedly. My question really isn´t on the "how to?" level, but more of "worth the effort based on actual experience?", because I haven´t shot the 300 Scenar (pointed nor factory virgin) myself before.

BTW for what you note, 6.5mm 139 Scenars (pre-L) DO benefit from pointing, shrinking the 1000m vertical by noticeable 15% when fired at moderate volocities from a Swede. Therefore I reasoned, at least in theory, that the new L-class designs with wider meplat would benefit too.

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I have considered pointing them but not got any further than that.

I believe the 1000yds benchrest record is held with a 139gr scenar shot with a 6.5x47.

If you have a pointer then why not point the 300 grainers.there 30 percent ish cheaper than the hybrids.

I use the 7mm 180gr hybrids for f class.i have tried some 180gr scenars but not done a proper load development with them.i had a bughole group with them but about 2grs less than what the 7mm saum can run them at.

I use the 7mm 180gr scenar l's in my 284 occasionly for 1000yds snap shooting.they shoot really good.definately recommended them.

I've fired the 300gr scenars in a mates 338lm at a mile at sennybridge on f range.my first 3 shots I hit the fig11 down twice.that was nice watching the ETR target go down ?

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