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Hi Guys,

 a reduction in free time means I need to clear out some bits that I'm not likely to use up any time soon. 

I have for sale

1 full kg of N550 and a further approx 750g

2 x 1kg tubs of Elcho 17 (RS60)

2 x 1kg tubs of EI130 (which was the early name for RS52)


I honestly can't remember what I paid for any of these but it all seems to average £90/kg RRP so I'm looking for £70/kg for the sealed RS powders and as it is a few years older £60 for the sealed N550 and £30 for the partial bottle.

Finally I have approx 300g of Viht N140 and 450g of Lovex DO 73.6 these both came to me from a friend who was emigrating as I don't know what state they're in they are free to anyone who wants them with preference to anyone who buys something else.


Can meet at Bisley weekend of 18/19th or Saturday am this weekend. If you're looking to meet mid week drop me a message.

Advertising elsewhere and open to sensible offers or possible trades.




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