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.223 Reloder 15

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Hey guys. I've just got back from the range after some load development and started cleaning the gun, the patch looks like I've been scrubbing out the lift shaft of a coal mine! Is RL15 known to be dirty? I couldn't get a decent group after the first two rounds - I wonder if it could be down to the amount of fouling?

The first two were about 5mm apart, then from that I went on to not be able to get much under an inch and a half. The case necks were filthy. I think I need to look for something a bit cleaner! Any suggestions? I'm using 65gr Gamekings in a sporter profile Sako 75, 1-8 twist.

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Vit 135 I reckon would be a good way to go....Possibly Vit 140 but you may be really filling the case when working up top end loads?.....I believe RL15 has been known for dirty burning ,,,,its a powder I abandoned for my 6BR,s a few years back due to fouling. .......may not have been the fault of the powder but not going back to experiment again now,,,,,

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I've used Viht N135 for 40 to 75 grain, with great success over the last 5 years or more. Rarely have a visibly dirty bore. ☺️

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yes viht powder is a very clean powder ive used it for years 

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I'd stick with Viht or RS powders NJC. Looking at your cases on Sunday, your description is not an exaggeration!  I use N133 up to 60gr and for anything heavier in ,223, RS50 works very well and burns really cleanly.  It's be a great choice for the 65 gamekings.  I tried N140 with the 60 to 69gr bullets but using RS50 achieved better groups and higher velocities.  N135 might have been the better choice over N140 though for the 65gr.

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