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Hot homeloads

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When I bought my 6br it also came with a Quantity of homeloads. One batch were loaded with n135 and 75gr vmax. I tried a few and all resulted in heavy bolt lift, cratered primers and shiny marks on the head of the brass,so I left the remaining 25 or so.  

What I was wondering,was if I was to cool these in the freezer for 20 mins or so,would this reduce the pressure enough for me to use them to sight in my new scope and allow me to free up the new brass and lessen the overpressure signs?

They don’t seem to be dangerously over pressure as I’ve shot dozens of them,just obviously not pleasant or even accurate  

I don’t own a bullet puller. 

Any thoughts?


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Perhaps if you're lucky but probably not recommended, I doubt N135 is that temperature sensitive at the cold end.

6BR is quite a strong case so must be really quite warm to do that? Will also age the brass (case head expansion)

You can also pull rounds in the press with a pair of pliers. Obviously mangles the nose section of the bullets, although surprisingly if you do shoot them they do go more or less straight.

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You’re probably right,Just hate the thought of chewing them up with pliers,when I could make use of them. Might give one a go and if no difference,pull the rest. Thanks



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Or follow the ancient reloading advice to Never Shoot Anyone Elses' Reloads.


It was the first thing taught to me when I was starting to reload.


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Hi if I had bought a rifle and there was home loads I’d pull the lot apart and start from scratch it’s not worth the risk 

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I would never be without a kenetic hammer.ive got 2 actually as the frankford arsenal hammer is too small for magnum case heads.the RCBS one will do magnums.its not original as it broke so it's made up of a frankford arsenal screw on bit that holds the shell holder on and the RCBS hammer stem.it works.i don't have to buy another.

Don't use pliers.buy a kenetic hammer scrooge ?

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