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One of this week's finished guns.


This is a .20 Practical, built on a Bighorn TL3 action.

Love these actions, they are so versatile.

The barrel is a Bartlien 1-10" in Rem Varmint profile. Finished at 20" , threaded M18 x 1 and invisible capped.


The trigger is a Bix n Andy, tacsport model.


All sat in an Accuracy International AT folding stock.

Feeds lovely from the Accurate mags .223 10rd magazine.


Cracking little cartridge this, and a lot more "balanced " than the .204 Ruger.

Main benefit being, the availability of top quality .223 brass. Simply necked down.

It also runs more happily on a short barrel, than the .204.

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Just answered my own question.....................and  I want one!! BUT, I shoot only at Bisley, and there's a velocity limit of 3281 fps, regardless of calibre.............


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If you ran 40, or even 50 grain bullets, you could get down to that with handholds Pete.

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