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At present I'm just a "walk around, shoot targets of opportunity" varmint shooter. I'd like to increase my chances. To that end, I fancy buying a small (one-man) hide, and a quality shooting table to go inside it.

My permission is a square mile of billiard-table flat agricultural land. I will mainly be using a Sako 75 in .223 Remington.

I have on loan currently (not actually tried it yet) an MTM Casegard Hi-Low Shooting Table:


This seems to be fine.

My question: Which hide would the forum recommend? It will be transported in a small, family car and erected on a day-by-day basis, i.e. not left at the scene. It will also have to have room for a comfortable chair inside it, as I'll be firing from seated. Shower-proof rather than torrential rain-proof would be OK (I'm a fair weather shooter, anyway!)

I wouldn't want to spend more than about £100

maximus otter


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Have a look at 2 man pop up hide on Ebay, plenty of room inside bit fiddly to pack up the first few times, comes with a backpack style bag for easy carrying.folds up to size of bicycle wheel have a look at videos on youtube.

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