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PGWDTI Coyote 6.5 / 47 Lapua Teaser

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So, bedding now complete and Devcon cured;


Bottom metal and action were bedded at same time - pics before clean up






I spent some time milling and  cleaning up the bedding, - the bottom inlet was for an Atlasworx inlet - the PGW bottom metal has slightly shorter profile (though far more substantial in design)

The gaps have been filled with devcon and will be finished with lighter filler and coated over to blend in with the stock.


Trigger - Bix n Andy Tacsport two stage set at 1.5lbs.

The trigger is almost a sealed unit, which is one of the reasons I chose it - the rifle is to be used in ALL weathers and needs to function.


I then fitted the picatinny rail to the action with the 5 set screws provided - this wont go anywhere...

Scope - Schmidt Bender PM11 10x42, which I had spare. WIll look at possibly a 3-20 PM11 when funds allow.

I havent bothered with protective cap by the way - the rifle will either have a moderator on when in use, or off when in the cabinet or being cleaned / drying off


Some images of the finished rifle:










I took the rifle to test it with a standard 37.5g Varget load, 123 Scenar, CCI BR primer


120 yds


First three shots




Second three




Even with limiting 10 x scope it was easy to get sub half MOA groups 


Very pleased with the results and with some load development this will perform more than adequately at extended ranges.

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Cheers guys 


The build was certainly worth the headaches it caused whilst creating  the inlet.


Im really pleased with the way it shoots (with zero load development) and “low” power scope


By the way, all up weight is 11lbs - that’s including mod and scope 

A significant weight saving on the Ai Ax (6lbs less ) and just as stiff, rugged and accurate.

Many thanks to all (Mik, Paddy) who have helped me achieve this long term goal of building a rifle on a PGW action, with a twist away from the chassis stable.

Will now get the barrel coated and look at some load development with solids for the ladies come beginning of November 





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Quick update on the Coyote build


I shot the rifle at the Eskdalemuir PRL shoot this weekend.  

The gun performed flawlessly and held its own against many high end “tactical factory guns / custom builds”

Really pleased with the way it shot - recoil cycle is a gently push rearwards , no muzzle flip thanks to the PSE stock. The Bix n Andy trigger was superb, despite being soaked several times.

The barrel, despite having a baptism of fire with 40 round first day and 100 second took four patches to clean - borescope shows zero copper or carbon.

Overall the gun is certainly fit for purpose and holds sub half minute with ease.


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