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I have a problem, houston ... 7SAUM and RS70 (23ºc/30cº)

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I have a problem, houston ...
I started working with my 7 RSAUM and got an exciting load with 57.2 gragins of RS70. I managed to win a 600-yard game, with a good amount of Vbull. The contrasted speed was 880 ms.
My surprise has been capitalized, a month later. I reload tests for a new match. And the only difference is of 23 degrees, now I am 30. And I measure again with my Labradar and I find an uncertain result ... 915 ms. A lot of difference for only seven degrees, right?
So unpredictable is the RS70 with temperatures?

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Or will it be Sabatti's barrel, polygonal? Which takes longer to open?

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Hi what for it's worth I've just spent the week at Bisley shooting my 300wsm 215 Bergers with 65g of RS70 I found in testing that  ambient temperature or barrel temperature was making a big difference this was born out over the week with in different elevation.My best score of 74 out of 75 was a  steady rhythm of shooting keeping the barrel at a constant temperature,The colder  The barrel the higher the elevation the hotter the barrel the lower the elevation.

 I will now be  trying vit165 and RS 62  this after some great help and advice from people much cleverer than me.


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Interesting the RS62 experience ... You will tell us ... The Vhita 165 is a proven fact.

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I imagine most of the 300wsm and 7mm saum shooters at the Euros used N165.

I used H1000 as I bought 7 or 8 tubs as it was drying up.i mixed it all up to make one big batch.it shot well when the stock was riding the rear bag proper and stopped verticles.probaly have enough to last the barrel out.i have tried N165 my 7mm saum but opted for the extra bit velocity gain.i did check the throat wear before and after the Euros.it grew 6 thousanths over 130 odd shots

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I'm going to be testing booth powders side by side so I've got the same conditions I said Ide post  my results  with the RS 70 but i cant  recommend it.

 Good to meet up with you at Bisly look forward to shooting with you again.

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