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NRA Armistice Match 10th November 2018

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This is not your usual fare on here I grant you! 

If you own a smellie or a Long Lee, the NRA with some help from LERA are putting on a match to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ending of the Great War.

The match is based on the old classic smellie shoot that the Army Target Shooting Club staged between 1995~2003. The targetry consists of pre 1910 School of Musketry targets and is very much in, The Spirit of the Original.

Lunch will consist of Range Stew, (for the old & bold!) with a further choice of curry for the civvies.   ?

In the afternoon there will be a fire power demonstration of a Vickers MMG and rapid fire from the competitors. 

This is a unique opportunity not only to remember the fallen, but also to celebrate the best battle rifle of the 20th century! 

Armistice Match flyer.png

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