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New .204 load

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Interesting read , but wonder why if you want as flat load as possible using nite NV? , why not zero at 200 . For instance my 20prac with 23.3 of N133 ( 3652fps ) zero at 200,  it then drops 4-1/2" at 300 yards . its only 3/4 " high at 100y . Technically its not flatter but surly suit the intended purposes better ? Cheers

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Fair point. Just been looking at the numbers doing just that. With the NV on the sighting in height is 2” and that with a 200y zero and 3600MV would get me what I’m after. Wouldn’t drop below an inch till 225y. 

Don’t know if you use a pulsar sight, but hard enough getting a consistent Point of aim and zero at 100y.  200y would be quite difficult I think. With the freeze shot/one shot zeroing it’s slightly easier.   


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My 20 prac with 39 gr BLK, with photon extreme 

Zero at 75 yards then 2nd zero is 220 , 3450 fps 

gives me 3/5" at 100 , 1" at top of trajectory & 1 1/4" at 250 

4.5" drop at 300 but I rarely take quarry at that distance 

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I use a Drone on my 22.250  50 grain Vmax @ 3500 fps and zero it at 60 yards because its easier to see what your doing on a  target at that distance, then it's about an inch high at 100 and back zero at 230 yards,  the projectile never gets higher than 1.5 inches throughout it's flight.

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On 8/29/2018 at 5:33 PM, baldie said:

If you want flat, switch to 32 grain bullets. You dont have the barrel length to get the speeds you require, with any powder and a 39. The .204 needs a 26" barrel to get the real fast speeds, its overbored.

Interestingly enough, the 20 practical will, or certainly a lot closer.


@baldieWhy does the 20 prac go quicker? Can't get my head round that

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So today I finally had time to try out some 10x. Started off Loading up 5 lots of four rounds seated at 2.260 with the following loads and groups:-

24.5g  .507

24.7g  .643

24.9g  .752

25.1g.  .744 with pulled shot/ without . 317

25.3g   .745

I was pleased with the groups. A few hole in holes. 


I then picked the best groups not just on group tightness but there group pattern and loaded another batch of the two best loads both with different seating depths with the following groups:- 


4 rounds at 24.5g seated at 2.260 .646

4 rounds at 24.5g seated at 2.280 .420

4 rounds at 25.1g seated at 2.260 .731

4 rounds at 25.1g seated at 2.280 .584


Interestingly the slightly longer seated bullets both gave a tighter group. All four groups I think if I could of steadied the rifle better would of all gone through the same hole. Not the best weather, a lot of mirage after lunch. But I settled on 25.1g at 2.280. 


Next was the long range drop measurements. I did three shots and took the average drop. At 250y got a hole in hole! All groups were 1 MOA or just under. 

200y drop 1” 

250y drop 4.5 in 

300y drop 7.5 in 


Put this data into my ballistic AE app and by trueing the MV it gave me a MV of 3762.  I don’t expect that’s what it actually is. Probably slightly less. So a busy day but very happy with the out come. Last job was to put the NV back on rifle and zero. Zeroed 3/4 high, mainly because it’s hard to zero and that was near enough. The NV hight is 2.5” from centre of the chamber to centre of the NV body.  With that data inputted into my app it give me a drop of only 2.69” out to 300y. That is very pleasing to me! Job done. 


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Nicely done. Definitely point and squirt out to 300 yards.

Just played about with Strelock Pro to see what 7.5" of drop at 300 yards would give me in fps using 39gr Blitz. 

I get just under 3,500fps. You zeroing at 100 yards? 

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2.7" drop @300 yds? So how high above bore is the highest point of the trajectory?

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Beardog, rather than relying on a ballistic app I'd try it on a target at 300yds,got a feeling you might find it dropping more than 2.7" if 3/4" high @ 100yd?. Sounds like you're grouping ?

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