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Why so few AR10`s ?

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11 minutes ago, Moorlander said:

With so many AR15 straight pulls around I was wondering why so few AR10`s?  is the .308w problematic for  straight pulls ? could 6.5CM be used ?


I just finished this .243 off this morning




There is no problem with .308, some people may tell you there is, but they have no experience of it


Why are there so few? 

Well you must be moving in the wrong circles, because I see and know of plenty

I see Armalites (I have one) LMTs (Sidecharged around 20) Baldies, a few SGCs, my own and even know of a couple of POFs


The truth is though is that while they are heavier and more expensive than .223 ARs, there is no real advantage to shooting a .308 bullet out of one compared to a good quality heavyweight .223 bullet


As for other calibres, what would you use them for?

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44 minutes ago, lapua said:

What is that .243 going to be used for? Is it configured for heavier bullets?


looks just right

Practical Optic class CSR

It has a 1:8” barrel, 20” OAL, Geissele High Speed National match trigger set at 1.5KG

I’m not a fan of the PRS stock but the customer is always right etc ?

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I have got a LMT in 6.5 creedmoor, It has a 24" 1in8 twist Lother Walther stainless steel barrel with a Hausken moderator and it is accurate hitting steels out to 1450 yards at Tiffs place, It uses the same bolt and magazines as a 308win, The upside over a 308 or a Acurracy International is it's lighter and is straight pull, I love it and preferred it to the AI AX 308 I had!

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Here's another one finished today

40138329_2228421314047218_53079986792342it has a 16” Lothar Walther 1:11”twist barrel in .308 Win.
Built on Cross Machine receivers modified for the Bradley Arms sidecharging conversion and fitted with a Magpul UBR Gen 2 stock, Ergo grip, Midwest Industries 12.625” handguard and a DPMS 3 port brake. 
Trigger is a Triggertech adjustable unit and this rifle complies with all Service Optic rules for CSR

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