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Era-Tac adjustable 70 MOA mount

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2 hours ago, OSOK said:

Hi All , Is anyone using one of these mounts  ?


I've read many accounts online that speak very favourably about it. Very sturdy but it's not 'field adjustable', you still need to use the torx key to set and lock the desired incline. It's not like a thumb wheel you turn to go up and down in incline.

While i can't speak personally for the incline mount, I do use their 34mm one piece 20MOA QD mount. It is extremely well made. I'd say better made than the Tier One rings I had before and easily on par with the Sphurs. I've found the QD repeatablility to be excellent - no discernible POI shift. Totally dependable manufacturer IMHO.

Best price for Era-Tac rings I've found are through Optics-Trade.eu


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I have one...takes seconds to adjust... is repeatable.

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I'm wondering if my gain with it would be short lived as I'm using a 7x68 Imp and soon to be 7mm Norma Mag , My Atacr has 132 moa with 30 moa mounts and 30 moa rail . Once zeroed at 100 yards I'm ending up with approx 130 moa and 20 moa holdover . At  2,600 yards with the 7x68 / 180g I used 130 -131 moa so by adding the Era-tac 70 moa I'd only be gaining another 40 moa which I'm guessing means another 300-400 yards ish . Hopefully the Norma Mag / 195g combo should be able to push on .

There is a mk2 Charlie Taraq or Turret Charlie coming soon which is a better option if only I didn't hate waiting so much  !


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I have the recknagel 70 MOA one, it takes seconds to adjust and returns to zero spot on every time, only downside is they have doubled in price since I bought mine 

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