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17 hornet

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Got a Cz 527 silencer and mounts plus all loading gear pm if interested kev 

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  1. Got cz527v
  2. Hawke sr pro 8-32x56 + mounts
  3. plus sound mod, Sonic best ive heard and ive compared it to dpt , wildcat.
  4. dies Redding / wilson 
  5. cleaning rod (pro shot)
  6. Bipod
  7. bullets various 20grn Berger Hp , 20grn gold tip , 25grn vmax 25grn Hp (old style) some hand swagged bullets 25grn and 30grn. some loaded
  8. cases Hornady and rws which need fire forming ( i cant do it if need be, these are new .22 rws)
  9. Genuine bullyberry 20cal/17cal forming die.
  10. 4x 25 round holders with inserts
  11. 50 round ammo box
  12. powder 1/4 to 1/2 tub of lovex DO63 (Brilliant powder for hornet ) 2 full tubs H4198
  13. £1600 no offers
  14. Plus rfd price unless its collected .
  15. Pm if interested

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