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No i deer

Miraging and bullets point of impact

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This is something i just thought of...!

I was wondering if the heat miraging affects the bullets point of impact from the heat waves rising from the ground.does this cause verticles and windage...?

Is it readable....?

Yes I know how to read the mirage but is there any extra compensation too allow for...?

I realise the mirage and the movement you see is the light being bent/defracted as the hot air rises.

Is  the miraging more than just an optical light distortion.thoughts and facts if any.

Thanks No I deer  

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From my understanding the mirage causes the target to "move" from it's actual position as in an optical illusion.

When I shot small-bore with reticle sights we used a polarizing filter to counter the effect. 

However those more practised than I with optics can read it to detect changes in wind ect.

I'm sure someone will be on with more specific information.


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Yes I believe the target will move in the direction the wind is moving the mirage.something I seen on the internet but I've not heard anybody doing it in practice.this could get very confusing adjusting.aiming off and second guessing where the vbull should be.i am not practiced enough that's why I asked the audience.

I shot Sunday at 1000yds and 600yds to very good effect just reading the mirage and ignoring the flags.i did give up on one 1000yds COF as I couldn't see any markers as mirage was so bad.it makes you question your load that usually shoots demon.

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I often get rubbish results at 1000yds on a hot windy day on Stickledown electronics. The electronic target lanes are affected by the tree-line to the right which causes turbulence even in very light winds.

We had one shoot where we were moved over from the middle of the range to the right-hand side half way through the morning, and the scores went right down the pan..............

Well, that's my excuse, anyway....


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Us in the LPSC have several volumes of the book of excuses and in the process of writing another.i had organised for a mate to have my brass at the end of the day too anneal them for me and I was sat 7 or 8 yards back from the firing point with a cordless screwdriver and some wire wool and someone said the noise was putting them off so I stopped while they were shooting and carried on when targets went down to be marked and scored.that was a new excuse Paul 🤣💋

Somehow you would think this 100yds group would serve you well out too 1000yds.unless it was the bad mirage and heat caused inconsistent point of impact 🤔


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