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To Muzzle Brake or not to Muzzle Brake....

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Not really, you said :

Most MoD owned ranges do not permit their use, e.g. Bisley and Kingsbury   - which is wrong

You’ll find they are prohibited unless the RCO condones there use - Nothing to do with the RCO - It's whether you book it with the Range Office.

If ant one person complains, no matter how far away, the brake MUST be removed - Where does it say this?



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9 hours ago, No i deer said:

as I have all ready said a millisecond of noise per shot doesn't add up to many seconds in a days shooting

yes you did say that twice.

So what ?  Are you implying that it has no effect on the hearing of the people close to you ?

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OK fellas, as the OP on this thread can I respectfully ask that all bickering comes to a close?

I was seeking some genuine insight into brakes to enable an educated decision, perhaps that’s not possible with what is clearly an emotive topic.

Thanks for taking the time to reply but if it’s not possible to address my original question set then let’s call it quits shall we?

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