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Sako TRG 22 .308, Heavily Upgraded Ruger 10/22 & Lanber 12 Gauge Shotgun For Sale

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Sako TRG 22 .308 with Phosphorous barrel, TRG 22/42 M08 Bipod, Atlas rear Monopod, Hard Plastic Carry Case, TRG 10 round Magazine, Cleaning equipment & Nikko Sterling Diamond 10-50 x 60 Scope.  Worth around £4400 new, Selling for £2200 as a complete package or £1900 without the Scope. Please see Pictures below:








Heavily Upgraded Ruger 10/22 Rifle with Boyd Evolution Stock, Harris Bipod, Volquartsen Carbon Fibre Match Barrel, Hard Plastic Carry Case, 2 x 10 round Magazine, 2 x 25 round Magazine, Cleaning equipment & Upgraded Match Trigger & & Bolt Upgrades and Nikon Monarch 4-16x50 Scope.  Worth around £1700 new, Selling for £850 as a complete package or £700 without the Scope.  Please see Pictures below:






Lanber 12 Gauge Shotgun Very good condition over and under multichoke shotgun.  Comes with sleeve, asking price £200.

Please see Pictures below:





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Giving up shooting Jon? Haven’t seen you on the range for ages.

To prospective buyers, Jon hasn’t mentioned that this rifle is one of the cancelled Jordanian orders so is much enhanced compared to the standards TRGs. One of the big differences is the trigger is superb. I had it’s sister.

I know this rifle shoots bug hole groups.

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Sadly yes, just not getting time to do it, hopefully get back into it again when i have more time.  Thanks for mentioning that, completely forgot to.

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