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Hi, been reading with some interest a similar topic on another part of the forum, so not to Hijack that thread, I could do with some opinions on Drag bags. 

Does anyone actually use them as such? Are they sufficiently padded to protect the rifle? I have a similar bag for my M&P 15-22, and would not like to drag it or drop it! (no brand name so no grief). I use a standard rifle slip for my 223, but I have to take the moderator off to get  it in, and there are no pocket or facilities for other bits and pieces. This does give me some problems,  as I am somewhat disabled and can only carry on my back and/or one hand.

The AIM bags seem to be popular, but not having even handled one, are they worth the money?

On an aside, I see some photo's on the other  thread showing a rifle in one of these bags with straps round the scope and the action - does that not tend to shift the scope, or give rise to damage of the scope?

M in sunny Monmouthshire

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I own three AIM bags and yes they are worth the money.


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AIM are very rugged. I used one inside a Pelican case instead of foam when I flew to Czech Republic with no loss of zero even when thrown about by baggage handlers. 


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Iv got 2 aim , they are brilliant . The strap that you mention over action & scope i pull thru just over barrel , just in front of recoil lug but underneath the scope so scope isn't under stress but even then  it should be fine strap over scope too . I think you can position the strap where you need them . ATB

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Owned two AIM 50 bags and they were really nice. I used to have the backpack shoulder straps setup on one of the bags so I could have the heaviest rifle (complete with extra gubbins in the side pockets) on my back whilst carrying the other bag and rifle in the hand.

The outer case itself is made of tough cordura. Never had any rips or tares. The stitching is very good, no fear of anything coming loose or breaking.

The main zip is big and chunky, no problems there either. The foam lining within the case is semi-ridid. It will bend/flex just enough but is also thick enough to protect the rifle and scope. I have a big chunky S&B PMII 5-25x56 with large turrets and it was fine in there. 

The inner lining isn't cordura but nylon of some kind. It was fine, but I did suffer a small puncture & tear, but only minor. It was a working case after all.

There are internal molle points to locate supplied straps and buckles. I placed mine so that one was around the grip of the rifle and the other around the forend and barrel. Rifle never moved in transit.

Along the spine there's a secret compartment to hold a cleaning rod - very handy for cleaning at the range.

The bag fully unzips so it lies flat. I used to do this with one bag so I could use it as a shooting mat - pretty handy!

I did end up selling both cases for an SKS iSeries 5 hard case as I do think they're way more durable. But that's just me - nothing wrong with the AIM bags.

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my rifle fell off my roof, good job it was in an aim bag, didnt check zero on rifle, took a fox at 240 yds, god bless aim bags.dave. 

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I have an Arktis drag bag. It has served me well and been used as a drag bag. The material is very durable and well padded. Used to cart an AI AW in. 

I dont have an AIM bag but a friend does, also seems well made, durable and fit for purpose.

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