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Has anyone tested any of the target cameras like caldwell, targetvision and bullseye at 500yards or more?

Struggling to see impacts in the heat when doin load testing past 300yards in the mediterranean weather.

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Interesting system Vince, seems ideal for a range setup though. Where we shoot its more like a large field than a dedicated range setup so the others like target vision are more appealing as they capture the shot and also record the hits in the order they happened, great if youre also using that data in co junction with magneto readings for some serious load dev work as you taught me;)

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I have used the Bullseye longer range (I think they describe it as one mile capable) out to 600m successfully, using their WiFi booster back at the firing point.

The shorter range unit struggled at 300m.

The system worked as advertised, and we used an iPad for viewing. I have used this set up with five shooters on a detail. The system allows five different fall of shot colour codes, so, as long as you remember to change colour for each shooter, then everyone can distinguish their shots quite clearly.

The only slight difficulty arose where a shooter hit very close to an existing shot hole, as the previous shot hole marker on the screen can obscure the new shot hole.

I hope that helps,


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You could build your own, just completed testing my unit, which plugs into a phone or tablet, out to 500m before running out of field. 

Used it up the range today and it was good enough for me to be selling the spotting scope. 

Yes, you don't get auto shot recording and shot marking, not sure how well that would work with small groups anyway, but using an inexpensive app you can record and playback or take photos.

A spent roughly  two thirds less than the cheapest proprietary version. I've tried the caldwell and wasn't really very impressed. The resolution was quite low I thought and the system a bit clunky. 

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