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I have to agree.  I've owned probably dozens of scopes over the years but the most robust has been an older Nightforce NSX,  It's had some stick but just keeps working, tracking well and has been reliable from day 1.  Optically it isn't the best or brightest but has good colour contrast and reasonable resolution...couldn't ask for more. The S&B PM2 is probably the best scope I've owned optically and mechanically I'd say pips the Nightforce.  Just to add to what Dave has said, a lot of these reviews also talk negatively about mass but in the world of superzoom scopes with large diameter tubes and lots of internal lenses, plus a half decent erector mechanism that is also robust, weight comes with the territory and I've always been suspicious of lightweight scopes with high zoom ranges and large tubes/objective lenses.  The only really lightweights I've had were cheapies and all were either moved on or had faults.

You can buy decent optics for mid range money.  You can even buy decent erector mechanisms for mid range money.  You can't though have both at mid range budgets.  The Delta Titanium is a point in question.  Reasonably good optics with excellent low light performance let down by crap erector mechanisms lifted straight from the cheaper Bushnells.

The only exception to any of this I've encountered which ticks all the boxes, but which doesn't have any of the frills of the competition (and is all the better for it), is the Bushnell DMR.  That employs both decent glass (not the best but still good) and decent mechanicals...very very robust scope.  It ceases to be mid priced if up-specc'd with things like zero-stop and illumination.  It's the only sub £1000 that based on my own experience, I'd recommend for those on a budget who want a decent and reliable LR optic for really not a lot of money (especially used).  As far as everything else goes, Caveat Emptor.

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