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S070 vs RS62

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I would like to ask you if anyone have tried explosia S070, since it is on same burning chart as rs62? I am asking, because it is cheaper than RS62 and if is simmular than no need to buy expansive powders. 



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I tried SO70 in my 6.5x57 as a possible alternative to H4350. However I found its energy value to be quite low. With compressed loads, there was no pressure, but no velocity either.

Ive not used RS62 so can't compare them against each other, but looking at others velocities using RS62 in the 6.5 Creedmoor, I suspect SO70 would be less. 

Or it could be one of those powders that performs better in a larger case.  

If it's cheap, why not give it a go. Also worth trying SO65.

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Lovex's SO-series single-based extruded grades are excellent powders and can give very consistent results. Up to around 10 years ago, SO70 was better known as Accurate Arms-4350, but of the three 4350s on the market was the slowest by quite a margin. (Accurate 4350 is still around, but not here. It is made for Western Powders by General Dynamics in Canada the plant which manufactures most IMR grades.)

Explosia's burning rate chart isn't very accurate unfortunately. It shows SO65 on the same line as Hodgdon VarGet which got people rather excited about it during the first great VarGet shortage. Excitement gave way to frustration as a VarGet substitute, it is not. It is slower burning, bulkier, and has less energy - well suited to 7mm-08, 7X57mm, 7X64mm and similar, but gave heavily compressed loads and low MVs in 308 Win. Even when accurately listed, as has been said many times before, burning rate is only one of several metrics that affect suitability and performance.

IME, SO70 works well in applications that suit '4350-class' powders, so should be an alternative choice to RS62. However, it usually gives lower MVs than IMR or Hodgdon H4350, and as RS62 usually outperforms this pair, I'd expect a yet larger gap between it and the Lovex grade. With smaller cartridges like the Creedmoor, it'll also likely be limited by case capacity reaching compressed levels at modest pressures / MVs. (Nothing wrong with that if you don't need or want every last fps MV, of course.) In larger, roomier numbers such as 7X57mm, .30-06, and 6.5X55mm, it's well suited to them.

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Yes, my main application will be for 6.5 creedmoor. I can get 1kg for 66€ , RS62 it is 96€ for me and a bit less than kg of H4350 is 115€. I am not totally of money saving (can be part of decision factor) but trying to get as optimal powder for 139- 140 bullets and as far i read here on forum the rs62 was the powder to try. I would like also to ask people here bout Explosia powders, since i think they got not so much attention and wondering why is that, since they have range of powserd and granulation is superb. 

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You could try both SO65 and SO70 in Creedmoor with 139/140gn bullets. QuickLOAD suggests that maximum usable loads are about 1-1.5gn apart; both give a near full case and MVs in the 2,700-2,750 fps range from a 24-inch barrel.

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