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Pulsar HD38s Value

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Hello everyone, I am considering selling my HD38s as I am going to have to take a break from foxing for a while, I have not looked at prices recently and wondered if anyone had a rough idea what is a reasonable price would be second hand.

The unit is 2 years (i think) old and is in perfect order, works 100% and all accessories are with it. I even have the original box. Only thing is I have removed the O ring from the front lense cap and filed the battery holders slightly as otherwise it was nigh on impossible to remove the batteries without damaging them. I was going to buy battery packs for ti as the hgolders are crap but they work and i never got round to it.


Any ideas?



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I wouldn' sell it , if your just taking a break stick it in a drawer and forget about it.

It is only going to be worth around £1000 If you chose to sell it . 

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Sadly i have a feeling it is going to be an extended break.

I will  have  a look around and see, if its only worth max £1000 i guess there isnt much point selling it!

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