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Cut or Buttoned rifled barrels

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1 hour ago, meles meles said:

Big Al, (and others)

Re your comment " Think about this logically, how would you test for the maker of the most accurate barrels in a way that was scientifically acceptable and thoroughly conclusive?", do you have a suggestion ?

We ask because we're thinking of setting such an assignment as a Master's project in metallurgy and have started drafting the outline of the hypothesis we'll challenge students to test.

All constructive input would be welcomed.

Give them a different assignment. ☺️

The permutations of things that would need to be covered is almost endless. Every barrel tested would need to be load developed with a huge range of different components to be certain you have the barrel as fully tuned as it could be before it would be fit to be compared to the others.

Multiply that by a big enough sample size from each barrel maker invited to test and you have a project so big it would be a monster.

Its not a test I feel is necessary as barrels are not the weakest link, load developers and shooters undoubtedly are.


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2 hours ago, Big Al said:

I haven't compared the barrels at 1000yds as I never felt the results for the cheaper buttoned barrels at 100yds showed me enough promise to do that.

Typically my benchrest rifles need to agg under 0.250" as a minimum over 4 x 5 shot groups and that has always been quite easily achievable with a cut rifled Bartlein or Krieger and good quality components. The cheaper buttoned barrels were agging in the 0.375" region under the same appraisal conditions and the same level of load development.

Groups at 1000yds can vary depending on conditions but again if we were to shoot in similar conditions the factory sporter class will usually have groups sizes about 2/3rds bigger than the top light or heavy guns, that would all be running premium cut rifled barrels.

Im going to chamber a cheaper button rifled barrel as a fire forming barrel for my 6BRA's, I was thinking about doing some 1000yd load development with it just for fun and to see how it performs. 

That's interesting and I'd fully expected 2/3ds to perhaps twice the difference at 1000 yds.  Best I've seen from a factory rifle (not shot by me I hasten to add!) was around 9" at 1000 yds on a very still day over 10 shots.  Best I ever managed was a little more at 10" (T3) from 10 shots.  That same rifle shoots close on .4moa at 100 yds.  Didn't a 260 Rem chambered Tac A1 or CTR win a national comp for 600 yd class a few years ago?  I can't remember whether it was a Bisley comp or not but I seem to remember that the score was mighty impressive as was the group!

I'm still playing with the TAC in 6.5 at the minute and that's showing real promise with average 5 shot groups between .25 and .3" at 100 yds.  Nowhere near BR expectations but for a factory barrel, I'm pleased enough.

It'll be very interesting to see the results of your test barrel Al.

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