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Ring sizes for UK/European/World Championship F Class targets?

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I'm starting with F Class so doing some reading on the subject. While browsing through the net, I stumbled upon multiple sources regarding ring sizes in F Class shooting. It's a bit strange to me as in ISSF it's all standarised...
For example, at 800 meters (circa 875 yards) in Poland we shoot at a 327mm (12,87") bull with 177mm (6,97") "10" ring and 75mm (3") "X". In the US they have a massive bull with 10 inch "10" ring, in the UK You have "5" and "V" but I don't know the size...
If someoene has a reference for that  I would be greatfull - I'm wondering how my scores translate into "international" ... :)



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The F Class table in the "Bible", ends at 600 yards, then it's just "Long Range" - is it whats used used for 800, 900, and 1000y? If so, Your targets are much (~40%) bigger than ours... Interesting.

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The long range f class face has a 5” V and so on. 

You use a 3” V at 1k? That’s impressive!

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Yes, we have a ~7" "10" and ~3" 'X"/inner ten ("V") @800m(875y)-1000y. Below is a  2nd place 800m FTR target from the last competion (Josef Prochazka, 96 pts (4X) 1.014 MOA). 


Winner had 97pts but only one X.


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