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Brand new "old stock" brass for sale at greatly reduced price:

Following is available, price includes postage 

Norma 25-06 Rem   x 100 £65

Norma 6.5x55  x100  £65

Norma 22-250  x100  £65

Norma .308 Win x100 £55  (2 available)

Norma .223 Rem  x100  £60  (4 available)  All sold thanks

Nosler 6.5x55 x50  x50 £40 (2 available) 

Hornady .308 Win x50 £35 (4 available) 


Card sales over the phone or request  paypal details please. 


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Are the 22-250 cases still for sale ?

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All the brass we advertised sold too. Thank you.

For 6.5CM brass there is no stock Lapua (S/R mag primer) until the next shipment lands. All we could source at present is Peterson Match Grade 6.5CM (L/R primer) for £125 per 100.

If you are close enough or passing up the M1/A1 heading North (we are 5 minutes off the motorway near Thirsk), we still have the Hornady American Gunner 6.5CM full ammo on offer at £73 per 50 rounds. 140gr HPBT. Also got Winchester 6.5CM 140gr SMK on a £30 per 20 round offer.

Similarly, for range work we currently have an offer on 50 round boxes of:

.223 Norma 55gr FMJ (£43 per 50)

.223 Hornady 75gr BTHP Steel Match (£29 per 50)

.308 Hornady 155gr BTHP Steel Match (£54 per 50)

.308 Hornady 155gr BTHP American Gunner (£73 per 50).


Feel free to drop in and see us for a brew.

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