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6.5 x 55 Tikka T3 Stalker

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The spec was to build a moderate weight stalking rifle based on a Tikka T3 action, utilising factory magazines.

A donor T3 was sourced, stripped down, all parts checked.  The bolt lugs were lapped, the action face was true and did not need any machining.

A Sassen 1-8.5 twist barrel in Tikka Varmint profile was fitted to the action, finishing at 24"

Threaded M14 x 1mm and protective cap

The barrel was chambered in 6.5x55 Swede (min Saami Spec reamer )

Trigger stripped out and cleaned, fitted with lighter spring breaking at a safe and consistant 2lbs - confirmed with certified gauge and other safety tests.

A Mcmillan Sako Varmint stock obtained (inletted for the T3) and pillar bedded with Devcon.

Once back from proof, the barrelled action, stock and a Contessa picatinny rail were taken to be ceracoate.

The barrelled action and rail coated matt black, the stock Magpul OD Green (customer did not want marbled finish on original stock)

Once all coating was returned, the rifle was assembled, rail fitted - the Contessa rails have a built in recoil lug, which fits the indent in the top of the T3 action.


The rifle was then fitted with a 4-16 Swaroski Habitch scope in 30mm (12mm med height)  Contessa Rings and a DPT 6.5mm moderator added to the "system"


I tested the rifle with Winchester X 140g and Federal 140g Soft Point ammunition before its being shipped to its new owner.


Winchester gave 1.5" groups and obviously didnt suit the barrel.


Federal 140 gave more promising results with consistant .750" groups, which was pleasing for factory ammunition.

Id certainly expect hand loads to produce sub half minute groups easily.

The rifle is a real pleasure to shoot, minimal recoil, sight pricture retained during the firing cycle and the DPT moderator really reduced the noise significantly.


A few images:
















All coating work carried out by Geoff at Liquid Steel Designs, who ive used for a number of years and does sterling work, on time and as promised!


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its the T4 profile (Tikka Heavy)

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Andy, very nice rifle.

More importantly I respect that you tell the real results. First custom rifle I have seen that is not a "guaranteed" 1/4 moa shooter.

I am sure that this rifle would get down to those numbers but it is refreshing to see honesty.


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Thanks for the positive comments.

I tend not to test my builds as most customers hand load and will fine tune ammunition to suit the intended purpose.

This rifle is to be used with factory and I was asked to set it up as a “turn key” for the new owner.

While I could have bought more brands and tested further - the results with Federal certainly show that it will do the the job it’s intended for and I wanted to use a mainstream brand that’s available pretty much anywhere.

I’m quite happy with the way it shoots under the test conducted.




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With scope and moderator, it felt around 9 -10 lbs - though I didnt weigh it, so this is a guess.

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After a thorough clean the rifle was sent to its new owner who has  sent these groups - all shot with factory ammo at 100 mtrs










Target patches are one inch diameter 


Think it’s a sub half minute gun .......with factory 😄

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Any idea why the owner wanted a Mac stock instead of a pse e-lite?

Whatever the reason it’s clearly spot on, till he drops it off the ironing board anyway!

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