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swiss reload, velocity consistency, primers

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Hi guys,

I'm new to ukvarminting.com and I'm pretty lucky that I found that page. Overwhelming knowledge, I couldn't stop reading.

I hope, my 1st post will not be a redundant one.


I've  changed the powder for my .308 from N140 to RS50 and RS52 some weeks ago. However, I'm not happy with the SD of the velocities I've achieved so far.

Best results:

  • SD of 13 (5 shots,44.4gr RS50)
  • SD of 11 (5 shots, 44.6gr RS52)

Besides of that, the SD was between 20 - 30 for the other loads (43.5 - 44.2)

I'm using the following components:

  •  Lapua .308Win brass ( fired 3 times so far)
  •  Hornady 168gr HPBT match
  •  CCR BR2 large primer

Tried Neck-sizing as well as FL, Did not change the results much. Best consistency was around 44.4 gr (RS50) and 44.4 - 44.6 gr(RS52).

But I've recognized, that I've got some neck tension issues. (inconsistent pressure when seating the bullets) This needs to be fixed, before I should do further testing.


But just for interest, what SD do you achieve with RS 50 / RS 52 and Lapua .308 brass?

What primers do you use?


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I moved from Lapua brass to weight sorted ggg brass and in my rifle 43.8gr of rs52 gives me 2749fps with sd of 7.2 with 175 scenar L and Murom primers


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I was watching ftr shooters yesterday from 300 to 600yds running on RS52 with their loads and it looked pretty good to me.very accurate powder weighing and neck tension are the key factors it seems.

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I have been running RS52 in my 308, stalking loads under light bullets, but still checked. Neck tension too was my issue, shifting to a more tightly controlled batch of brass helped tighten things up.

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I've been using RS50 in mine with 175 TMKs and Lapua brass with Murom primers, and achieving good SD and low ES.

Try using OCW or Satterlee load development as it helps identify your lowest SD loadings with better precision and efficiency than ladder testing.

Neck tension needs to be consistent, but unlike smaller cals such as 223 I have found no need to brass batch to achieve low SD or the use of any fancy dies with my .308 as once a node is found, it tends to be reasonably pressure insensitive to a .5gr spread.  I use a Lee FL die, a Lee factory crimp die and I anneal every single firing.  I simply load to mag length and seldom bother chasing the lands as there's little need with the bullet designs that I use.

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Sounds good! Thanks a lot. Hope, I'll do my homework right and get consistent neck tension afterwards.

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