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No i deer

F class open debut

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I had my first f class open shoot today with the dorset rifleman at Bisley on century range shooting my  7mm saum which started at 600yds along with a big contingency of ftr shooters too as a guest of Justin credible.thanks Justin 👍.there is some real nice looking rifles on the firing point.really enjoyed the day and the company of some of the other ukv shooters.the wind was real tricky.left to right breeze then the flags would go limp then blow then ease.i did ok with a 71/6 that could always be better.


I had four 4's from shots not going where I anticipated.i started out filling in the plot sheet from a quick lesson but lost my way a little and concentrated more on not getting my hosts score card wrong and my shooting.

The  afternoon was certainly no easier at 300yds as the wind was the same and to add to the mix it started coming from 1 to 2 o'clock aswell as left to right and limp flags.miraging was pretty bad too.probaly the worst thing.i kept plugging away and managed a 74/7 only dropping 1 shot.

I was pleased with my shooting as i was using a mystic bipod and a sand sock for both distances..

No doubt I will try this again.maybe even get to try one of these SEB type rests for a little added stability.

Thanks to the Dorset rifleman for letting me shoot as a guest.

Atb No I deer 👍

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Well done Neil, glad you enjoyed your day.



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I was 3rd at 600yds and 3rd at 300yds lol

3rd overall 😆

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